Alola Fashions

At the start of the game, Professor Kukui asks you to choose a profile picture. The picture you choose decides your gender and skin color, but your clothing, hairstyle, and the color of your hair and eyes can all be changed during the game.

Changing Fashion Items, Eye- and Lip Color

During your adventure you'll stumble upon Apparel Shops in certain towns. In these shops you can try on and buy new clothing, hats, bags, and other fashion items at the counter.

You can change your clothing and contacts color in the fitting room. If your Trainer is a girl, she can also change her lip color here. Note that you can also take your hat off by deselecting the hat you're currently wearing in the fitting room.

You can change your contacts to the following colors: Hazel, Gray, Green, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Brown. After defeating the Pokémon League, the contact colors Burgundy and Violet also become available.

If your Trainer is a girl, you can choose the following lip colors: No lipstick, Nude Pink, Coral Orange, Bright Pink, Summer Red, Deep Burgundy, and Icy Blue.

The colors offered for the fashion items you can buy differ depending on which version of the game you play:

To get a fashion item in a color that is not available in your game, you can dye the item at a Dye House in the Festival Plaza. Read more about this below.

Speaking of the the Festival Plaza, when you get a to rank 10 there you will also be able to buy fashion items from visitors with Festival Coins.


Where to Shop

You can shop fashion items in apparel shops at the following locations:


Hau'oli City


Female items:

Male items:


Hau'oli City Mall


Female items:

Male items:


Heahea City


Female items:

Male items:


Konikoni City


Female items:

Male items:


Konikoni City (Olivia's Shop)


Female items:


Malie City


Female items:

Male items:


Malie City Community Center


Female items:

Male items:


Po Town


After beating the Pokémon League, you can get a Skull Tank from Team Skull Members at the Pokémon Center.


Changing Hairstyle and Hair Color

Next to Apparel Shops, you'll usually also find Salons. Here you can change your hairstyle and hair color.


Be aware that each change to your hair costs money, so if you want to try out different things, save your game first and restart the game when you've decided which style and color you're going for. That way you only have to pay once.


Salons can be found in Hau'oli City, Konikoni City, and Malie City.

The following hair colors can be chosen: Black, Honey Blond, Dark Brown, Ash Brown, Caramel Blond, Platinum Blond, Pink Brown. After defeating the Pokémon League, the hair colors Wine Red and White also become available.

Girls can also choose to have no bangs, straight bangs, or sideswept bangs.


Female hairstyles:


Male hairstyles:


Dyeing Clothes

When you get access to the Festival Plaza, you can get facilities where you can dye your clothing in exchange for FC, called Dye Houses. Each dye house offers different dyeing colors, and more colors are available at higher dye house ranks.

You can buy dyes, but you can also choose to dye your clothing with Berries you've found.


Be aware that you can only dye white clothing.

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