Aether President Lusamine

Read here how to take on the president of the Aether Foundation: Lusamine!

Lusamine has no type specialization, which makes for challenging battles. She is battled twice in the game. The first time is in Aether Paradise, after defeating Kahuna Nanu. The second is in Ultra Space, right into the deepest part of the game’s plot. In the second battle, Lusamine’s Pokémon are 9 levels higher each, each has a new move, and they also have auras which increase a stat of theirs by one stage.


Lusamine’s Pokémon

In the first battle, in Aether Paradise, Lusamine uses the following Pokémon:

In the second battle, in Ultra Space, her Pokémon and their moves are as follows:


The Magic Guard Ability prevents Clefable from receiving any damage except from direct attacks. Furthermore, in the second battle, it has an aura that increases its Special Defense by one stage.

Clefable may use Cosmic Power early in the battle to increase its survivability. It may also use Metronome, which makes the nature of the battle unpredictable. Furthermore, it can use Moonblast to deal damage, especially against Pokémon that are weak to it. In the second battle, it will use Moonlight to restore health. Moonlight, Cosmic Power, and the aura boost make it hard to take down, especially with special attacks.


The Own Tempo Ability prevents Lilligant from being confused. Furthermore, in the second battle it has an aura that increases its Special Attack by one stage.

Lilligant uses Petal Dance as its main attack. It deals lots of damage, while its regular drawback (confusing the user afterwards) is negated by the Own Tempo Ability, creating a powerful combination. It can also cripple its opponents with paralysis and confusion, and in the second battle, it also can use Leech Seed to reduce their HP while healing themselves too.


Its Levitate Ability makes Mismagius immune to Ground-type attacks. Furthermore, in the second battle it has an aura that increases its Speed by one stage.

Mismagius tends to use moves that are super-effective against your Pokémon. It may also use Pain Split when it has less HP than your Pokémon. Its Speed aura makes it more likely to use its moves before yours.


The Marvel Scale Ability increases Milotic's Defense if it is inflicted with a status condition. Furthermore, in the second battle it has an aura that increases its Attack by one stage.

Milotic may use the powerful Hydro Pump. When its HP is low it prefers using the move Flail which deals lots of damage, further increased by its Attack boost. It may use Safeguard to protect itself and allies that may switch in from status conditions. Finally, it may also use Recover to heal when its HP is low.


The Fluffy Ability halves the damage from moves that make contact with Bewear, but doubles the damage taken by Fire-type moves (effectively making them super-effective against it). Furthermore, in the second battle it has an aura that increases its Defense by one stage.

Bewear may use Baby-Doll Eyes to reduce the opponent’s Attack. Alongside its Defense aura boost and the Fluffy Ability (which halves the damage of most physical moves, as most physical moves make contact), Bewear is able to survive lots of physical attacks. It tends to use Hammer Arm against Pokémon that are weak to it. It may use Take Down, which harms it in recoil, yet in the second battle it can use it to its advantage if it uses Pain Split.


Viable Types For These Battles

Because Lusamine does not specialize in a specific Pokémon type, no single Pokémon type is viable against her. Instead, you may use Pokémon of several types that can deal with some of her Pokémon.

Fire and Flying are particularly useful because both of them are strong against two Pokémon; Lilligant and Bewear. Especially special attacks are useful because of Bewear.

Steel and Poison, especially physical attacks, are useful against Clefable.

Grass and Electric are useful against Milotic, and Dark and Ghost are useful against Mismagius. Ghost is also immune to Milotic’s Flail.


Physical or Special?

Both are needed, each against other Pokémon. Clefable, Mismagius and Milotic are more susceptible to physical attacks. Bewear is more susceptible to special attacks. Lilligant has the same Defense and Special Defense base stat, so both can be used against it.


Viable Pokémon For These Battles

For an efficient battle, you need at the very least a Fire or Flying-type Pokémon with strong special attacks (to cover Lilligant and Bewear), as well as at least two Pokémon with strong physical attacks, of which at least one is dual-typed in a way that all three pairs of viable types listed above (for Clefable, Milotic and Mismagius) are covered.

Your starter Pokémon plays an important role on team building here, as each starter Pokémon covers different things. Decidueye is very good for this battle, as it covers physical Grass and physical Ghost, meaning you only need a special Fire of Flying and a physical Steel or Poison. Salazzle and Alolan Dugtrio are good options.

Incineroar covers physical Dark and perhaps special Fire. Dhelmise is a good partner for it, as it has physical Grass for Milotic, while being immune to Flail. Its Steelworker Ability and its move Anchor Shot also give it a STAB-like Steel attack for Clefable.

Primarina is not particularly strong against any of Lusamine’s Pokemon. Salazzle, Alolan Dugtrio, and Dhelmise can cover for it instead.

Note that the above Pokémon are just suggestions; any Pokémon combination that covers the types and physical/special moves correctly can do.


General Strategy

Clefable will be sent first. Be prepared for it by sending the Pokémon supposed to counter it first as well. Try to knock it out quickly, before it is able to set up lots of Cosmic Power boosts (especially in the second battle). Remember that the Magic Guard Ability means that using poison/burn or similar damage-over-time effects is useless. If Moonlight is too much of a problem, you may want to set any weather condition other than harsh sunlight. Please mind, though, that this can affect the future of the battle; for example rain would boost Milotic’s Hydro Pump.

After Clefable is down, the order Lusamine sends her Pokémon out may differ greatly. For the purpose of this strategy guide, though, we will list the tactics against them in the order that was shown above.

You may want to KO Lilligant as fast as possible as well, else it will start using crippling moves such as Teeter Dance and Stun Spore which will slow you down. Thankfully, Lilligant is somewhat frail defensively. Remember that it cannot be confused in case you like using that strategy. In practice, since Lilligant has too many crippling moves and is frail enough to just be taken down, using status and other effects on it isn’t too good of a strategy.

Be careful of Mismagius; Ghost, Rock and Fire is some good type coverage and its Speed is high, which means that even the Pokémon that have super-effective moves against it need to be careful if they are weak to those types themselves. Once again, try to knock it out as quickly as possible (especially in the second battle where it has Pain Split). Remember that Levitate makes it immune to Ground-type attacks and that its Defense is much lower than Special Defense.

Milotic can be annoying; Hydro Pump’s power can be weakened with harsh sunlight (which can also help Fire-types you may have in your team) or its accuracy could be lowered with moves that decrease it, like Sand-Attack, or those that increase your evasiveness, like Double Team. Hydro Pump only has 5 PP so if you can’t knock out Milotic quickly (which is hard even with physical attacks) you will not have to worry about it using Hydro Pump forever at least. Don’t consider using status against it at all; between Safeguard and Marvel Scale it’s not a good idea. Be careful of Flail (using a Ghost-type which is immune to it isn’t a bad idea) and note that it will use Recover. Just try to knock it down with physical attacks; if need be, use a Z-Move (more on that later).

Bewear shouldn’t be hard to take down with the correct attacks; it is not fast (and Hammer Arm can make it even slower) so you should take it down without much problem.

Regarding Z-Moves, you should keep in mind that unlike other battles, this time there should be more thought put into which Pokémon you should use it against. Just use it on whichever one you think is more troublesome for your team.

Overall, these battles are quite challenging, especially the second one. Don’t forget that you can just use healing items if in too much trouble. With a well planned team you should still do fine.

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