Hano Beach, Hano Grand Resort & Aether Paradise Island

Time to meet that Aether Foundation Chief in the Hano Grand Resort. Before meeting him however, there is also Hano Beach to explore east of the Resort.

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Hano Beach

First of all, use Stoutland Search to find a hidden Soda Pop close to the entrance, next to the first beach chair. Under the parasol on the south of it is a Zygarde Cell. Go southwest of the parasol to find a hidden Pearl in the water. Now go north to pick up another hidden Pearl west of the northernmost parasol.

The woman standing by the sea on the east gives you a Soda Pop, if you talk to her. In front of the lifeguard tower, you'll find another Zygarde Cell (only during the day). Finally, go behind the lifeguard tower to find a third hidden Pearl. Now talk to the man in front of the lifeguard tower to receive a quest: find six Pyukumuku on the beach and throw them back into the sea. Doing this will reward you with 20,000P.

Walk to the woman who gave you the Soda Pop to find the first Pyukumuku in front of her. The next one is west of her between two parasols. The third is east of the man standing by the sea on the west side of the beach, and on the far west is the fourth one. The other two Pyukumuku are at the north part of the beach. Let's go there while surfing on Lapras to catch some Trainers and more items in the sea along the way.

Starting from the far west, the first Trainer you meet in the water is Swimmer Chelsea. In front of her is an Antidote underwater. Surf to the east to meet the next Trainer, Swimmer Roddy. Next to him is a Dive Ball underwater. Northeast of Roddy is Swimmer Laura. Surf further north to battle Swimmer Lawrence. Surfing further north, you'll find a small island with a Black Glasses (boosts the power of Dark-type moves when held by a Pokémon) on it. North of the island Swimmer Alicia is waiting to battle. North of her is the last Trainer: Swimmer Logan.

In this area you'll find some water splashes, which are actually Tentacools (Lv.21-24), who will ambush you if you get too close.

These Pokémon sometimes drop a Poison Barb when defeated. In between the water splashes, you can find a Pearl String underwater. Enter the beach on the west to get the last two Pyukumuku. One is in the north in the water, the other is east of the Trainer Tips sign a bit further south. There are also two hidden Heart Scales to find here in the sand. Finally, there are also sand clouds on this part of the beach, which can contain wild Pokémon.

These Pokémon will sometimes drop some Soft Sand or a Star Piece when you defeat them.

Walk to the south to report back to the man in front of the lifeguard tower to receive your money. You can go back to him daily, to throw Pyukumuku back into the sea and receive the reward again. The hidden items on the beach also regenerate sometimes, so going back to this beach daily is recommended. Now exit the beach to go inside the Hano Grand Resort.




Pokémon (Surfing)

Pokémon (Water Splash)




Hano Grand Resort

After entering the Resort building, you meet the Aether Foundation Chief once again, now introducing himself as Faba. He wants to thank you for the help earlier by taking you to Aether Paradise; an artifical island made to protect Pokémon. Decline Faba's offer for now though (much to his chagrin) as there are still some things to do in the Resort.

Walk west to meet a Pokémon Breeder in front of a painting. He will reward you with a Footprint Ribbon if you show him a Pokémon that has grown at least 30 levels since you caught it. In the northwest of the resort are two girls, Golf Buddies Tara and Tina, with a Machamp. Stop them from harassing the poor thing, and they will want to battle you.

After defeating them, the Machamp reveals that it is actually a man in disguise. As displeased as he is that you are ruining his job, he still gives you TM45 (Attract). Northeast of the not-Machamp is Veteran Roger, who wants to battle you.

After defeating him, he rewards you with a Metronome. If a Pokémon holds this item, it boosts the power of a move each time its used consecutively.

You've done all that you can on Akala Island for now, so it's time to leave with Faba. As soon as you accept his offer to go to Aether Paradise, Hau, Olivia and Kukui appear. Kukui isn't coming with you, but asks you to meet him at Malie Garden on Ula'ula Island later. After that, you take the ferry with Faba and Hau to Aether Paradise.






Aether Paradise

Upon arriving at the island, Faba explains some things about Aether Paradise, after which you meet Wicke. Faba asks her to show you around and take you to meet the president. She takes you upstairs to the conservation area and tells you that President Lusamine is there. You are now free to walk around.

You can take the elevator to have a look at the docks and the lab area, but there's nothing to do there for now. If you take the elevator to the entrance (1F) and then talk to the Aether Foundation worker north, he will give you a Stick (increases the critical hit ratio when held by Farfetch'd).

Go back to the conservation area (2F), and take either path to the south to eventually end up meeting President Lusamine. She talks with you for a while, until a tremor occurs. A hole appears in front of you and a creature emerges! Approach it to battle it.

President Lusamine

Please Note: The Ultra Beast's aura raises its Defense sharply.


After defeating it, it disappears and Lusamine explains that it was an Ultra Beast that came from an Ultra Wormhole. She then asks Wicke to take you and Hau to the next island. Before getting on the ferry, Wicke hands you TM29 (Psychic) (while Hau gets... some Big Malasadas).

Now it's time to go to Ula'ula Island!





To Come Back For Later

• After becoming a Champion, return to Hano Grand Resort to receive a cool item  


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