Aether Paradise Revisit

Gladion believes that Lillie may be here, although you cannot be sure. Why would Lillie be on Aether Paradise?

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Searching for Lillie

Hop off the boat and head towards the first Aether Foundation Employee for a quick battle. Walk around towards the elevator and battle the Aether Foundation Employee standing next to it. On the wall north of the elevator, you can pick up a Rare Candy. Continue walking round to fight three more Aether Foundation Employees individually.

Walk to the southwest and pick up the X Sp. Atk that is located at the south end of the ferry. Now head over to the southwest corner of the area to retrieve TM06 (Toxic). Go back to the elevator and ride it up to the next floor with Hau and Gladion. As soon as the elevator stops, you’ll run into a battle with Branch Chief Faba!

Branch Chief Faba

After you have defeated him, Faba will grant you access to the lower floors. When Gladion asks you if you’re ready to go, reply with “no”. Head south until you find the friendly Aether Foundation Employee who offers to heal your Pokémon. Now head back and travel down to the lower labs with Gladion.





Sneaking around in the Secret Labs

Gladion will ask you and Hau to check out the furthest lab at the end of the hall, labelled ‘Secret Lab B’. Hau will give you a Max Revive and then the two of you can walk through the door to a long hallway that happens to be guarded by three Aether Foundation Employees. All three will want to battle you at once so brace yourself!

Once you have defeated the employees, continue walking towards the secret labs. You’ll soon run into another pair of Aether Foundation Employees but luckily Hau is prepared to help you in this multi battle.

After you have defeated the employees they run away, leaving the lab empty for your perusal. Yours and Hau’s Pokémon are healed after the battle so you’ll be prepared to fight if anyone else shows up.

For now, all you can do is check the PC and bookshelf to read about Aether Foundation’s information on Cosmog and then report back to Gladion. Before you head back, go into Secret Lab A and check behind the computer to find a Full Restore.

Head back to the elevator once again and travel up to 1F: Entrance to encounter Faba once more and battle two more Aether Foundation Employees – does it ever end? Hau will assist you in this multi battle.

Wicke appears shortly after the battle and heals your Pokémon. She also hints that Lillie may be with the President. Continue moving forward and you’ll run into another pair of Aether Foundation Employees and this time, Gladion will help you in the multi battle.

Faba still isn’t backing down, despite the fact that you’ve beaten every single employee that he has sent your way. This time you and Hau will battle Faba and an Aether Foundation Employee in a Multi Battle.        

After defeating Faba, head north through the door to enter the courtyard outside President Lusamine’s mansion. Here, you encounter a pair of Team Skull Grunts and a familiar face, Team Skull Boss Guzma.

Team Skull Boss Guzma


After battling the Grunts and Guzma, head west and then south to pick up a Full Heal. Now walk east and then south to find a Zygarde Cell. Another Zygarde Cell is also located west of Guzma.



Trainers (Hallway)

Trainers (Secret Lab B)

Trainers (After reading report in Secret Lab B)




President Lusamine's Mansion

After accepting defeat, Guzma is forced to step aside and allow you to enter the mansion. In the first room, you’ll find a Zygarde Cell. Turning into the next room, you’ll find Lillie arguing with Lusamine. However, there is no sign of Nebby.

Stand on the warp panel so Lusamine can show you here trophy room. Hau and Gladion will appear momentarily. It looks as though you’ll have to battle President Lusamine once again!

President Lusamine


Guzma and Lusamine make a swift exit after the battle so you can relax for a bit now. Leave the mansion and Lillie will be waiting outside for you. Gladion hands Lillie a Moon Flute (Pokémon Sun) / Sun Flute (Pokémon Moon). He also hands you a Master Ball.

There’s not much more to do on Aether Paradise right now so it’s about time that you head over to Poni Island. Simply retrace your steps by heading south, taking the elevator down to B1F: Docks and speak to Gladion. 





To Come Back For Later

• Return after becoming a Champion  to collect some more items



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