Akala Grand Trial

Before you can battle Kahuna Olivia, you need to make your way through Memorial Hill and Akala Outskirts.

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Memorial Hill

Walking east, you'll find a hidden Heal Powder in front of the second grave. Keep following the path to battle Gentleman Smith.

Continue following the path and go south at the T-junction. Find a hidden Adrenaline Orb in front of the grave on the west, and a Cleanse Tag in front of the grave on the east. Furthermore, there's a Trainer to battle: Preschooler Liam.

Walk back to the T-junction and now go north. Walk around the hedges on the west to find a hidden Super Repel in front of the grave. Continue north to battle Madame Sayuri. Use Stoutland Search to find a hidden Revival Herb west of Madame Sayuri. On both the east and west side there are grass patches, where you can encounter wild Pokémon.

Go through the grass on the west to find a Dusk Ball. Walk back and go through the grass on the east. Walk around the hedge to find a Spell Tag in front of the grave. In the northeast corner of the area you can battle Punk Girl Melissa.

Go south from Mellisa and follow the path on the east side of the trees to grab a Hyper Potion. As you proceed to the southeast you find an Aether Foundation worker alongside a man who the worker calls 'Chief'. They are facing two Team Skull Grunts who are attempting to steal a Slowpoke. You are asked to battle the Team Skull Grunt and save Slowpoke.








Akala Outskirts

On the far east you find a patch of grass full of wild Pokémon. Walk east to battle Fisherman Vernon. North of Vernon, TM28 (Leech Life) can be found. In the water there are also some fishing spots. Walk back and take the path north to battle Black Belt Kenji. A bit further west is a Zygarde Cell.

Check each of the fields of grass to pick up mushrooms. Head to the northeast field of grass to find a Tiny Mushroom. Walk to the centermost field of grass to find another Tiny Mushroom. Now walk to the north end of the northwest field of grass to pick up a Big Mushroom.

Keep walking north until you reach the Ruins of Life. Team Skull Admin Plumeria appears. She introduces herself as the “big sister” of all the grunts you’ve defeated before and battles you to avenge them. After you have defeated her she states that she will be more serious next time and then leaves. You can now enter the Ruins of Life.




Pokémon (Fishing)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)





Olivia's Grand Trial

Upon entering the Ruins of Life, Professor Burnet and Lillie appear. The Professor helped Lillie reach the ruins, which she was searching in order to help Nebby. Soon after, Kahuna Olivia appears from the inner part of the ruins, explaining that she had to come here because the guardian deity summoned her. She asks you to battle her in her Grand Trial.

Island Kahuna Olivia

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Upon defeating her she will give you a Rockium Z and teaches you the pose for the Rock-type Z-move. You will also receive the Akala Trial Completion stamp on your Trainer Passport which ensures that Pokémon up to Level 50 obey you.

As you exit you encounter Hau, who wants to take on Olivia next. Olivia advises you to go to Hano Frand Resort like the Aether Foundation Chief from earlier also suggested. The resort is to the east of Heahea City, in an area previously blocked by a boy on a Stoutland. However, now that you have defeated Olivia, there are more things to do in Konikoni City, so let's return there.





Back in Konikoni City

Firstly, head back to the restaurant, and order a special Z-set. Olivia will then join you at your table. She will pay for your meal and give you 4 Heart Scales.

In Pokémon Moon, and only during the day, visit the room upstairs in the restaurant to meet Mallow. She will challenge you to a battle in Lush Jungle.

Captain Mallow (Pokémon Moon)


After defeating her, you'll see this message: "The way Mallow looked in battle lingers in your mind...". This means that you can acquire her battle style later on.

To battle another Trial Captain, go to Lana's house in Konikoni City (northwest at the crossroad) and go upstairs to her room. You will have to battle her Twin Sisters Harper & Sarah first. After defeating them, Lana walks in and her sisters ask her to battle you to see who's stronger.

Captain Lana


After defeating her, you'll see the message that refers to Lana's battle style. This means that you can acquire her battle style, later on. Lana gives you a Muscle Band (boosts the power of physical moves when held).

If you are playing Pokémon Sun, there is one more Trial Captain you can battle. Use Charizard Glide to fly back to Paniola Town and visit Kiawe's house (the house northwest with all the Magmar) during the night only to meet Kiawe in his room and battle him.

Captain Kiawe (Pokémon Sun)


After defeating him, you'll see the message that refers to the Captain's battle style again. This means that you can also acquire Kiawe's battle style, later on. You have done everything that you can for now. Use Charizard Glide to fly back to Heahea City. Walk to the east to enter Hano Grand Resort to meet that Aether Foundation chief.






Revisiting Heahea City

Head back to Heahea City and take a look at Game Freak’s office. If you speak to the lady in the office, she’ll give you a Lemonade. Now walk over to the Dimensional Research Lab. You can find a Big Mushroom in the area behind the lab. Now that you’ve passed the Akala Grand Trial, you should speak to Professor Burnet as he’ll give you a Reveal Glass





To Come Back For Later

• The Ruins of Life, when you have access to something that can move large boulders 

• Head back to Heahea City after defeating Morimoto.



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