Blush Mountain & Alola Route 13

On Blush Mountain, you can find Alola's Geothermal Power Plant.

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Blush Mountain

Walk up the path and the first person you will encounter is Officer Worker Shane, who is ready to battle. Head into the tall grass on the right of Shane to find a Zygarde Cell. In the middle of the eastern field of grass you can pick up a hidden Zinc. In the southwest corner, across the field of grass, you will find a Sun Stone. Walk over to the red truck and pick up a Timer Ball, just in front of the fence.

There is also a Photo Spot by the fence, where you can take photos of Togedemaru, Magneton, Elekid, and Porygon-Z.

Enter the Geothermal Power Plant. If you come here during the day, be sure to talk to the scientist with the power-hungry Magnemite. He will reward you with TM63 (Embargo). Speak to Samson Oak about Alola’s volcanoes and he’ll also give you a Lure Ball. After Speaking to Kagetora, you will have the opportunity to battle Espeon User Ishaan.

A quick trip back to Malie City

Before heading onto Route 13, you should head back to Malie City. Once you've caught a Togedemaru on Blush Mountain, travel back to Malie City and speak to the Collector in the apparel shop. Show him that you have a Togedemaru registered in your Poké Dex and he'll give you P10,000. That small journey made you a substantial amount of cash! 

It’s now time to head to Route 13! Head to Route 12 and you'll find the entrance to Route 13 at the end of the route. 



Pokémon (Western Field of Grass)

Pokémon (SOS Battles - Western Field of Grass)

Pokémon (Eastern Field of Grass)

Pokémon (SOS Battles - Eastern Field of Grass)




Route 13

As soon as you set foot on Route 13, Hau appears and hands you a Max Potion. However, Gladion is hot on Hau’s heels to spoil the peace. He informs you that Team Skull are looking for Cosmog (who we know as Nebby). Let's hope they don't find it!

Inside the Motel Lobby is a vending machine that sells Fresh Water, Soda Pops and Lemonade. Purchasing a Fresh Water now to give to someone later on may be a good idea!

Exit the Motel and continue walking to retrieve the Moon Stone on the east side of the pond. There’s also a Zygarde Cell on the left of the small path that leads down to the coastline. On the east end of the coastline, you can pick up a Guard Spec. Now head up towards the trailers. Talk to a punk in the trailer closest to the Haina Desert entrance to receive TM12 (Taunt).

Haina Desert is north of here but you cannot head there until you’ve completed our next trial, so head west towards Tapu Village, for now.



Pokémon (Fishing)

Pokémon (Fishing at Bubbling Spots)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)



To Come Back For Later

• Return after the Haina Desert barricade has been removed 

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