Brooklet Hill

Upon entering Brooklet Hill, you encounter Lana, the trial captain of Brooklet Hill, who asks for your help.

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Mysterious Splashing

Follow her across the water, but before you go any further, pick up the Net Ball on the south side of the area, and battle Fisherman Ernest. Now continue west where you'll find grass patches with a lot of Water-type Pokémon in it. These will be useful for training your Pokémon ahead of the trial. If you're not satisfied with using a Fomantis or Bounsweet from Route 5 for the trial, you can also catch a Paras or Morelull here, both also Grass-types. Getting a Psyduck with the ability Cloud Nine is useful too, for reasons that will be explained later.

Use Stoutland Search to find a hidden Elixir (restores 10 PP to each of a Pokémon's moves) in the grass. Walk on and you'll meet Lana again at a lake, where there is vigorous splashing. Believing that a fearsome Pokémon is responsible for the splashing, Lana asks you to investigate the splashing to find the cause. To accomplish this task, Lana registers Lapras in your Ride Pager. With Lapras Paddle you can surf across bodies of water. Press Ⓑ to go faster while surfing.

Before hopping on Lapras, walk to the west to pick up an X Sp. Atk (raises a Pokémon's Special Attack during battle) and battle Backpacker Mikiko. South of Lana you can battle another Trainer, Fisherman Herbert.







Something Smells Wishiwashi

Now call Lapras to surf on the lake to investigate the splashing. While surfing, you can also meet similar wild Pokémon.

When you investigate the splashing, you discover that it's a Wishiwashi (Lv.17) which will then attack you.


A tip if your Pokémon still need training: wait until the Wishiwashi calls an ally, defeat it, then wait until it calls another ally, defeat that one too, and so on. This way you can keep training your Pokémon in one battle. To increase the chance of the Wishiwashi calling allies, bring down its HP as much as possible and use an Adrenaline Orb.


After defeating or catching the Wishiwashi, Lana is surprised that such a small fish can make such big waves, but there is more splashing to be investigated further ahead. Surf south to go on land on the other side of the pond, and pick up the Revive there. On this spot is also a photo spot, where you can take pictures of Poliwag, Dewpider, and Surskit.

Follow the road to the east and use Stoutland Search to find a hidden Max Repel in the grass. A Max Repel keeps wild Pokémon away for even longer than a Super Repel.

Further ahead, you'll find Lana at a second lake, where more splashing is occuring. Investigating it reveals another Wishiwashi (Lv.18).

After defeating or capturing that Wishiwashi, it starts raining and there will be even more splashing to investigate. Before following Lana again, surf to the area southeast for TM55 (Scald) at the back of the grass. Then surf to the west to where Lana ran off, and battle another Trainer, Fisherman Carl. Follow the path south to find Lana again and follow her to the Totem's Den.







Lana's Trial

Once you cross the Captain's gates, Lana's trial begins: defeat the Totem Pokémon that is causing the splashing. She also gives you a useful tip: the rain is boosting Water-type moves by 50%. This is where the Psyduck with the Ability Cloud Nine can be handy, as Cloud Nine stops the effects of weather.


Remember: You cannot catch any Pokemon until you complete the trial.


Before going into the water, walk south for a Hyper Potion. Then jump onto Lapras and investigate the splashing to meet Totem Wishiwashi, which is a Wishiwashi in its School Form.

The special aura surrounding Totem Wishiwashi raises its Defense. When its HP becomes very low, it will revert to Solo Form and will then be easier to defeat.

The Totem Wishiwashi can call the following allies:

Check out the Boss Strategy for Totem Wishiwashi


Having defeated Totem Wishiwashi, the storm dissipates, and you return to shore to receive your prize from Lana: a Waterium Z. Lana also teaches you the poses for Hydro Vortex, and gives you a Fishing Rod. Look for piles of rocks in the water, and press Ⓐ when you get close to one to use the Fishing Rod to fish for Pokémon. Press Ⓐ when a exclamation mark appears to reel in a Pokémon. Sometimes you also reel in an item, instead of a Pokémon, like a Heart Scale.

Fishing at bubbling spots gives you a higher chance to find a rare Pokémon. For example, there's a bubbling spot in the middle of the lake in the Totem's Den. The bubbling spot will disappear as soon as your reel in a Pokémon, but this reappears when you leave the area and return again.

Lana also gives you 10 Dive Balls (work better on Pokémon encountered while surfing or fishing). She then offers to take you back to the Pokémon Center on Route 5. If you want to catch some more Pokémon, refuse the offer for now and go hunting. Lana will stay and you can talk to her later to still accept the offer.

When you're done catching Pokémon, accept Lana's offer to take you back to Route 5. When you arrive, she tells you that the next trial is Kiawe's trial, located at the Wela Volcano Park. She also reminds you about the Sudowoodo blocking the path at Paniola Ranch, and hints you will be able to scare them away now that you have a Waterium Z.

Heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center if needed, then go back into Brooklet Hill. Surf to the south on the first lake to battle another Trainer, Fisherman Hal. Then pick up the Rare Candy behind him. In the areas before Totem's Den, there are some other Pokémon to fish for.



Pokémon (Surfing)

Pokémon (Fishing)




Backtracking to Route 5

If you want to catch a Feebas for the man at the Route 5 Pokémon Center (who will give you 3,000P for having it registered in your Pokédex), go fishing at the bubbling spots in the second lake from the Route 5 entrance. Keep leaving and entering the area to make the bubbling spot reappear again, until you find a Feebas.

Returning to Paniola Ranch with the Waterium Z on hand, you can clear away the Sudowoodo blocking the path. The kid standing by the path that the Sudowoodo had been blocking will give you a Mystic Water for clearing the way. He then tells you about the Battle Dome Royal. You are now free to head onto Route 6.



Pokémon (Fishing)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)



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