Daily Activities

Now that you're a Champion, there's plenty more things to do in Alola. All of the activities listed below can be completed once per day. 

Play the Loto

Head over to the Tourist Bureau in Hau’oli City and talk to the Receptionist. You can draw a Loto Ticket once a day.


The first number in your Pokémon’s ID does not affect the Lotto-ID. It’s also important to note that a Pokémon’s ID number is based on their Original Trainer (OT) so this number does not change.


Battle Buffet

If you fancy a battle, why not make the trip over to the Battle Buffet in Hau’oli City Shopping Mall? You can battle here once a day.

Head to the buffet and take a look at some of the food on offer. By listening to how the chefs describe their dishes, you should be able to work out which ones are popular. If you try to take a plate that another Trainer had their eye on, they will challenge you to a battle. 

You only have ten turns to grab as much as you can before you have to sit down and eat so you'll have to plan what you want to do beforehand. Once you have finished your meal, the hostess will give you one of four rewards, depending on how full you look. These rewards include: Honey, a Big Mushroom, a HP Up and a Max Revive

Will you be battling others in order to try the tastiest dishes or will the normal food suffice? 


Good to Know: If you come here regularly, you may just meet a Battle Buffet Legend!


After you have dined here five times, a lady called the Buffet Queen will appear on your next visit. The Buffet Queen will challenge you to a competition to see who can earn more satisfaction from the buffet. In order to beat her, you'll have to achieve a score of 50 satisfaction or more. If you are able to defeat her, she will crown you the Buffet Queen/King.

A Pampered Pokémon is a Happy Pokémon

What better way to show your Pokémon that you love them than by hooking them up with a Lomi Lomi Massage each day? Seek out the Incense Vendor in Konikoni City and she’ll offer to give your lead Pokémon a free massage once a day.

Massages make your Pokémon become friendlier towards you, which could result in some of them learning special moves or even evolving!

The following Pokémon will evolve when they level up with high friendship:

Top Tip: If you are unsure of your Pokémon’s friendship level, have a chat with the lady near the TM Shop in Konikoni City as she may be able to help you.  


Challenge Morimoto

Travel to Heahea City. Now that you’re a Champion, you have access to the third building east of the Pokémon Center, so that’s where you’ll want to head now. Once you get inside, you’ll realise that you’re in GAME FREAK’s office (the developer that creates Pokémon games, like Pokémon Sun/Moon).

Battle Morimoto once a day and he will reward you with an Oval Charm.


Earn Some Money

If you’re a bit strapped for cash, this is the perfect way to earn some money quickly.

Go to Hano Beach and talk to the hotel bellhop near the lifeguard station. He’ll recruit you as a Pyukumuku chucker. Find all of the Pyukumuku on the beach and toss them back into the sea. Once you’ve found them all, you’ll earn a tidy sum of P20,000.

The Battle Tree

You can reach the Battle Tree by venturing just beyond Poni Gauntlet. This is a special place where Trainers can meet and battle. You'll want to win as many battles as you can in a row but your opponents will get increasingly challenging as you progress.

Read more about the Battle Tree


Top Tip: We all need to take a break sometimes so if you want to have a rest, you can put your Battle Tree on hold. Save your game between battles and return later to continue your win streak. 


Exchanging Beans via Poké Pelago

Speak to Mohn in the Raft Hut to send out a Bean Bottle (a bottle filled with seven Poké beans). Wait a little while and you’ll find a Bean Bottle sent out by another player in Poké Pelago. Tap the bottle in order to collect seven Poké beans

 Read more about Poké Pelago


Bag some tickets in Festival Plaza

Once you reach Rank 4, speak to the receptionist in front of the castle to participate in missions. The receptionist will happily give you three Festival Tickets each day.

In order to host a mission, you’ll have to use one of your Festival Tickets however, if you would prefer to participate in a mission hosted by someone else, you won’t have to spend your tickets. You can browse available missions hosted by other players by tapping the blue arrows at the bottom of the screen.

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Collect the Berries

You’ve already collected a lot of Berries while completing your Island Challenge, but did you know that the Berry Trees spawn new Berries every day?

You can visit all of the Berry Tree locations listed below to collect the following Berries:


Melemele Island:

Akala Island:

Ula'ula Island:

Poni Island:


Chow Down on a Malasada

You can purchase a Big Malasada once a day at each of the Malasada shops, located on Melemele, Akala and Ula’ula Island.

Big Malasadas heal all status conditions so stocking up on these is a great idea. Bear in mind that your good friend Hau loves them though!


Time for Tea

Order a drink at any Pokémon Center Café and the barista will give you a reward, along with some Poké Beans. You can do this once per day:


Utilising the QR Scanner

Don't forget to use your QR Scanner every day to search for and gain more Pokédex data. You will earn one QR Code scan every two hours, until you reach the maximum number of scans (which is ten).

Read more about the QR Scanner


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