Hau'oli City

You follow Lillie to Hau'oli City and notice that the Tauros from earlier is still there, however, it is now accompanied by Hala and Hau. You get to pet it, after which Hala leaves with it so you can move on.

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Getting the Poké Finder

You enter Hau'oli City at the Beachfront, where you are shown the correct way to greet people in Alola (by making a rainbow with your hands and saying 'Alola!'). A woman on the right side of the street gives you a Potion. You can enter the beach by walking down one of two ramps on the left. Next to the southern ramp is a Poké Ball.

Walk north to enter the Shopping District, where you are stopped by Hau and taken into the Tourist Bureau. Here you are given a Poké Finder from the lady at the counter. The Poké Finder can be used to take pictures of Pokémon at marked photo spots. You can open it by tapping Rotom on the bottom screen or pressing Ⓡ. Read more about the Poké Finder.

In the Tourist Bureau, you can draw a Loto Ticket from the girl on the left behind the counter each day for a chance to win a prize. Furthermore, if you have at least 10 different Pokémon registered in your Pokédex, the scientist in the bottom left corner of the building will reward you by giving you 10 Ultra Balls (has an even higher chance of catching Pokémon than Great Balls).

As you exit the Tourist Bureau, you’ll bump into Hau and Lillie again. Hau asks you to follow him to get some food, while Lillie is going shopping. As soon as they leave, a man comes up to you and points you towards a photo spot. Time to try out that Poké Finder! Open up the Poké Finder at the photo spot and you will be able to take pictures of a Pikachu. You can take 6 pictures at a time, after which you can choose one to be judged. You will get Thumbs-Ups (essentially ‘likes’ that you’d receive on Instagram) based on how good the picture. After gaining 1,500 of them your Poké Finder will be upgraded to Ver. 2, which gives you the ability to zoom. To zoom in and out, simply press up and down on the D-pad.

At this photo spot, you can take pictures of Pikachu, Growlithe, Rockruff (during the day), and Alolan Meowth (during the night). Choosing "continue taking pictures" after letting your picture get judged, will give you a different Pokémon to photograph. Once you're done taking pictures, you can head back to the beachfront for a different photo spot, (look for the area with darker sand). You will be able to take photos of Wingull here. 

Walking back to the Shopping District, you'll notice a fenced grassy area on the left. Hau'oli City has many of these areas and they are the perfect places to catch new Pokémon.

Abra can hold a Twisted Spoon (boosts Psychic moves) and Alolan Grimer can hold Black Sludge (gradually heals the Pokémon holding it, if it's a Poison-type). If you catch a Pokémon that is holding an item, you will be asked to put the item in your bag or to keep it on the Pokémon. 

Be warned that Abra flee on the first turn of battle by using Teleport, so if you want to catch one, use a Poké Ball immediately.






Changing Your Appearance

Keep walking north to find Lillie again, who will give you a Lens Case (and a Makeup Bag if your character is female). These will allow you to change the color of your contacts (and your lipstick if your character is female). Talk to the woman in front of the apparel shop on the right to receive a Silk Scarf (boosts the power of Normal-type moves of the Pokémon holding it).

Go inside the apparel shop if you want to change your clothing and/or eye color. Talk to the woman at the counter to try on and buy new clothing. You can go inside the fitting room on the far left to change your clothing and eye color (and lip color if your character is female). Note that you can also remove your hat by deselecting the hat you're currently wearing.

At the salon next to the apparel shop, you can change your hair style and color, by talking to the woman at the counter. Changing your hair costs money each time you do it, so if you want to try out multiple styles, we recommend that you save your game beforehand and restart once you've found what you like. This will save you money as you won’t have to pay for each change. 

Explore the City

When you're done customizing, walk outside and head north to find a Pokémon Center on your right. The guy standing outside the Center gives you a Heal Ball (similar to a Poké Ball; completely restores the Pokémon's health and stats). Inside, there's a girl at the window on the left, who will give you 10,000P if you have a Drifloon registered in your Pokédex. You can catch Drifloon at the Hau'oli Cemetery in Route 2 later on.

Next to the Poké Mart is an old man who calls himself the Move Deleter. He does exactly what the name says: deleting unwanted Pokémon moves. You probably won’t need him though as new moves simply replace old moves when a Pokémon learns them. If needed, heal up your Pokémon at the center and stock up on any items that you think you’ll need. You can also buy battle items from the clerk on the right at the Poké Mart, like X Attack (raises a Pokémon's attack in battle) and X Defense (raises a Pokémon's defense).

Go back outside and enter the fenced area on the opposite side of the Pokémon Center. At the end of the grassy patch you'll find a Revive (used to restore Pokémon that have fainted). Exit the area and keep walking north. You will notice two people talking about Team Skull: a bunch of thugs who seem to be stealing people's Pokémon and are now hanging out in the Marina. Bear right, you will be stopped by Hala and the Tauros from before, so take the left to continue exploring the city.

A bit further on you'll see a house on the west side of the street. In the right corner of the garden you'll find an Ether (restores the PP of a move by 10). Go inside the house. You'll discover that it is Ilima's house and you can talk to his various family members. Talking to the women in the kitchen will reward you with a Lumiose Galette (used to heal status conditions of your Pokémon). You can walk upstairs to check out Ilima's room, but nothing of worth can be found there.

Exit the house and follow the road to the south, where you'll find Hau'oli City Hall. Inside the building, the woman on the couch at the front will give you a Revive. Back outside, walk into the fenced area on the right of City Hall to find a Tiny Mushroom (no practical purpose but can be sold for a high price).

Keep following the road to find Hau again, who recommends eating at the Malasada shop. Inside the shop, the women on the left at the counter will sell you a Sweet Malasada (give this to a Pokémon and it will raise its affection). The woman on the right at the counter sells a Big Malasada (used to heal all status conditions of a Pokémon) once a day.

Now enter the fenced area opposite of the Malasada Shop, and walk to the end of the area to find TM49 (Echoed Voice). Walking further along the road, you can visit the Hau'oli Police Station, but nothing of importance can be found in there. Keep following the road and you’ll end up in the Marina.





Meet Team Skull

In the Marina, go down the ramp on the right and walk to the end of the path to find a Super Potion (restores 60 HP). Go back to find Ilima in front of the Ferry Terminal. Your conversation will him is soon interrupted by two Team Skull Grunts who want Ilima’s Pokémon. Ilima asks you to take on one of the grunts, while he takes care of the other.

After defeating them, the grunts flee. Ilima thanks you for your help and heals your team. After that he wants to test whether you're ready for his trial by battling you!


Captain Illima


If you chose Rowlet as your starter, Ilima will have:

If you chose Litten as your starter, Ilima will have:

If you chose Popplio as your starter, Ilima will have:


After the battle, Ilima tells you his trial is located on Route 2. Before you go there however, first talk to the two people talking in front of the Ferry Terminal. The man will give you an X Attack, and the woman gives you an X Defense.

You can go inside the Ferry Terminal, but there's nothing to do there for now. Follow the road back to where Hala and the Tauros were, and heal up your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center along the way, if needed. You'll meet Lillie again who wishes you luck with your first trial. You can pet the Tauros again, before it runs away with Hala chasing it. The way onwards is now open.






To Come Back For Later

• After becoming a Champion, return to the Hau'oli Shopping Mall and speak to Mr. Hyper 

• After becoming a Champion, eeturn to the Beachfront and speak to Guzma 


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