Hau'oli Outskirts

After Kukui has brought you home, the game skips to the next day.

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Lillie's Secret

Lillie is the one to pick you up this time. She tells you that Kukui would like to see you at the Pokémon Research Lab. Follow Lillie south and she will tell you why she keeps Nebby a secret. You discover that Nebby is just a nickname and that it’s actually a Cosmog; a Pokemon from very far away. Lillie tells you that there are people who want to use Nebby's power and that she is trying to protect Cosmog from them.

On your way to the lab you can battle Youngster Kevin and Lass Madison. There is also a large patch of grass where you can find new Pokémon.

At the very east side of the area, on the other side of the grass, you can pick up an Awakening. On the very west side of the area is the entrance to Ten Carat Hill, which is blocked off by large rocks for now. You'll find Kukui's lab in the south of the area, Lillie standing in front of it.







Kukui's Lab

Inside the lab, Kukui upgrades your Pokédex to a Rotom Pokédex. This means that you will be able to communicate with the Rotom living inside the Pokédex which will make navigating around the islands a lot easier. Learn more about the Rotom Pokédex.

Next, Kukui explains how the Island Challenge works. On each of Alola's four islands, a number of Captains and an Island Kahuna reside. In order to become the Island Challenge Champion, you will have to defeat all of the Captains and Kahunas. To be recognized as worthy by the Kahunas, you need to clear seven trials, which are dispersed across the four islands.

You are given an Island Challenge Amulet as proof that you are a participant. Kukui advises you to go to the Trainer's School to learn about the basics of Pokémon battling. You can explore Kukui's lab, but there isn't much to find, except for information about different moves, located downstairs in the books (press Ⓐ in front of the green books in the bookcases).

Extra options have now been added to the game menu: Quick Link (for trading and battling with people nearby), Festival Plaza (for trading and battling with people online), QR Scanner (for scanning QR codes of Pokémon), and Battle Video (for recording your battles). Feel free to check them out, before heading on to the Trainer's School.


To Come Back For Later

• The blocked entrance to Ten Carat Hill when you have access to something that can break rocks 

• Return to the Pokémon Research Center after becoming a Champion to pick up a few items 

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