Heahea City

Upon arriving at Akala island, you find yourself at Heahea City, forced to listen to Hau's bad jokes. Nebby escapes from the duffel again, and you meet Olivia. With her is Mallow, one of the trial captains of Akala Island.

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Exploring Heahea City

Olivia reveals that, unlike Melemele island, there are multiple Captains on Akala Island, and that she's looking forward to battling you and Hau. After she and Mallow leave, Kukui reveals that there are three trials on Akala Island. If you would like to start the trials immediately, you'll want to continue on Route 4 into Paniola Town. Hau’s thoughts turn to what type of Malasada is sold on Akala Island. He also says that he's heading to the Pokémon Center. Lillie is going shopping and will investigate the ruins for Nebby. Let's hope that goes better than last time...

At the Ferry Terminal on the left you can catch a ride back to Hau'oli City. You can also buy Fresh Water (used to heal your Pokémon) from the Vending Machine there. A bit further on you find the Alola Tourist Bureau, where the Name Rater resides. If you would like to change your Pokémon's nicknames this is the guy you’ll need to speak to.

Further along the road, Lillie is standing in front of an apparel shop and tells you about the Ruins of Life and Tapu Lele. She wants you to come along when she goes to visit the ruins and will wait at the Tide Song Hotel until you are ready. She is meeting someone important there. After warning you about Team Skull, she heads off to the hotel with Nebby stored safely in her bag.

In the apparel shop, you'll find an old man (a former trial captain) on the right, who will send you on a mission at the beach near the Hano Grand Resort. He wants you to catch a Pyukumuku and show him the Pokédex entry, for which he will give you a reward. Buy more fashion items at the counter and/or change your appearance in the fitting room if you want to, then exit the shop again.

A lady opposite the clothing store will give you a Rare Candy (raises a Pokémon by one level).

Further up is the Pokémon Center. If you're looking for more moves to give to your Pokémon, the Poké Mart inside sells the following TM's:

Going east of the Pokémon Center is impossible for now, as the path is blocked by a guy riding a Stoutland. For now, head north to the Tide Song Hotel.

A New Mission

En route, you encounter Trainers Dexio and Sina, who are sightseeing in Alola. You will be battling one of them, depending on whether you're playing Pokémon Sun or Moon.

After the battle, Sina heals your Pokémon, and Dexio comments about how your battle reminded him of the past, specifically a group of five legendary trainers. He gives you the Zygarde Cube, is not actually a cube as it has more than six faces. The Zygarde Cube is used to collect Zygarde Cores and Cells. For now, we are instructed to keep the item safe, since Dexio says that he'll explain the details at a later time. He then recommends going to Route 4 to continue your island challenge, and he and Sina depart.

Continue on to the Tide Song Hotel. In the top left corner of the lobby you find a strange green twinkle. Pressing Ⓐ sucks up a strange creature into the Zygarde Cube. Sina calls you and reveals that the creature you captured is a Zygarde Cell and that the Zygarde Cube is a nest for Zygarde Cells and Cores. Your mission is to collect all of the Zygarde Cells and Cores in Alola.

Lillie can also be found in the Tide Song Hotel, to the right of the reception counter. She says that she saw some Team Skull thugs and, in attempting to avoid them, missed her meeting. She asks if you will continue your island challenge and says that the nearest trial site is at the top of Route 4.

Considering the guy and his Stoutland are still blocking the path west of the Pokémon Center, the only way for you to go is to Route 4.



Trainers (Pokémon Sun)

Trainers (Pokémon Moon)



To Come Back For Later

• A Catch a Pyukumuku and show it to the man at the apparel shop to receive a reward 

• Return to the Dimensional Research Lab after clearing the Akala Grand Trial to pick up some more items 


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