Iki Town Festival

As you enter Iki Town, Hala approaches you and explains that each of the four Alola islands has a guardian, and that the festival is held for people to express their gratitude to these deities.

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Hau Rematch

Walk ahead to meet Hau with his starter. Kukui and Lillie will walk up to you. Kukui explains that during the festival, people battle in the name of Tapu Koko. So it's up to you to battle the Kahuna's grandson: It's Hau! Before the battle starts, Hala heals your Pokémon.


If you chose Rowlet, Hau will have:

If you chose Litten, Hau will have:

If you chose Popplio, Hau will have:

Getting a Z-Ring

After the battle, Hala gives you a Z-Ring (a bracelet that allows your Pokémon to perform powerful moves). However, before you can use it, you’ll have to gather Z-Crystals. You’ll learn more about the Island Challenge and how to acquire Z-Crystals later on.


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