Konikoni City

Olivia told you to meet her in her shop in Konikoni City, but there is also a lot of other things to do in this town that "Welcomes the Sea Breeze".

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Time to Shop

If you think it's time to change your look, there's a salon and an apparel shop on the east side of the city. The backpacker next to the apparel shop sells herbs:

Next to the herb salesman is a Pokémon Center. Inside it is an Aether Foundation worker who asks you to register an Passimian (Pokémon Sun) or Oranguru (Pokémon Moon) in your Pokédex. With a bit of luck, you've already caught one back in Lush Jungle. The worker will give you 5,000P for its Pokédex entry.

A girl on the left wants to trade her Poliwhirl (named Whirly) for a Zubat.

On the west side of town you can buy different kinds of Incense at the southernmost stall. The Incenses all have a different effect and also have an effect when held during breeding. For example, a Snorlax holding a Full Incense will produce a Munchlax Egg, while a Snorlax that isn't holding the Insense will produce a Snorlax Egg. The woman next to the girl selling the Insense can give one of your Pokémon a massage to make it more friendly.

The next shop is a TM shop, selling the following TM's:

Next to the shop is a woman who can check your Pokémon's Friendship. Further north is a restaurant, where you can order a Z-set meal for 1,040P. After each meal, you receive 2 Heart Scales.


Olivia's Jewelry Shop

Next to the restaurant is Olivia's Jewelry Shop. Once you enter the shop, a Probopass approaches you and gives you a letter from Olivia. In it she tells you there's been a change of plans, and that you should now meet her at the Ruins of Life, past Memorial Hill. The Probopass then hands you a Max Potion.

There are various things for sale in the shop. If you play as a female character, the woman on the right, behind the counter sells hair accessories. The woman on the left sells the following Evolutionary Stones:

The women to the south, behind the counter sells the Skull Fossil and Cover Fossil in Pokémon Sun, and the Plume Fossil and Armor Fossil in Pokémon Moon. You can buy them for 7,000P a piece, but can only buy one of each. Take these fossils to the Fossil Restoration Center on Route 8 to restore them into the following Pokémon:

Go into the room upstairs to find a Zygarde Core at the end of the room. Each Zygarde Core can teach a new special move to Zygarde.

Exit the shop and go further north. Northwest at the crossway is Lana's house, but there's not much to do here for now. On the far north of town is a woman with three Pikachu. Talking to her will reward you with a Pikanium Z. If a Pikachu holds this Z-Crystal and knows the move Volt Tackle, it can use the Z-Move Catastropika. If you show a Pikachu to the same woman, she can teach it Volt Tackle.

At night, you can find a Zygarde Cell next to the three Pikachu. Next to the woman, behind the benches, is an Eviolite (raises the holder's Defense and Special Defense by 50% if the holder is not fully evolved). 

Now walk back south and exit the city to go southeast to Memorial Hill.





To Come Back For Later

• Return via Diglett's Tunnel once you have something that can move boulders

• [Pokémon Moon only] Return here after becoming a Champion and visit Mallow's family restaurant  

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