Lush Jungle

When entering the sideway from Route 8, you end up on Route 5 again. Go north at the end of the path to enter Lush Jungle and start Mallow's trial.

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Mallow's Trial

Upon arriving, you immediately encounter Captain Mallow. Her trial is to help her find four ingredients for her recipe; the Mallow Special. The ingredients that you need to find are:

You receive a Forage Bag to hold the ingredients in. Mallow hints that using Stoutland Search will be helpful in completing her trial. As with all trials, you cannot capture Pokémon until the trial is complete.

Call Stoutland and go west to sniff out some Mushrooms. Pick up the Tiny Mushroom, after which you will be attacked by a Big Mushroom, revealing that it's actually a Pokémon! In Pokémon Sun, this will be a Parasect (Lv.22). In Pokémon Moon, it'll be a Shiinotic (Lv.22)

After defeating the Pokémon, Mallow will congratulate you and remind you that there are still three ingredients to find. Take Stoutland north into a new area. Find a hidden X. Sp. Atk behind the small tree in the grass, and a photo spot west of it. Here you can take pictures of Comfee, Bounsweet, and Paras. Keep following the path and you'll be attacked by a Fomantis (Lv.23) from a tree.

After defeating the Fomantis, you'll find the hidden Mago Berry on the ground. Mallow will drop by and congratulate you for finding another ingredient. Go back to the previous area and go east through the patch of grass in the middle of the path. Find a hidden X Defense in the eastern patch of grass, then go north into another area. Taking the right path, Stoutland will sniff out a hidden Hyper Potion.

A bit further on is a Mossy Rock. If you level up Eevee in this area, it will evolve into Leafeon. If you want to continue the trial immediately, let Stoutland search the western grassy area to find the Revival Herb. You will then be attacked by another Fomantis (Lv.23).

If you want to do some more training first, search the eastern and nothern grassy patches, to find weeds instead of the Revival Herb and you will be attacked by two more Fomantis (Lv.23).

To the far left of this area, you will find a narrow path. Dismount Stoutland and crawl through the opening to pick up TM86 (Grass Knot). Furthermore, with Stoutland you can find a hidden Heal Powder in the northern grassy area. Go back to the starting area again and go southeast into yet another area. Grab the hidden X Attack east from the first crushable rock. The path further to the east is blocked by a large boulder for now, keep this in mind for when you acquire a Ride Pokémon capable of moving large boulders.

For now, continue south and break the rocks with Tauros Charge. Underneath one of the rocks, Stoutland will sniff out a seed. Pick up the Miracle Seed. Mallow congratulates you on finding all of the ingredients and will tell you to meet her back at the entrance of the jungle.

Head west of the Miracle Seed to go back to the first area of Lush Jungle. Jump down the ledges and pick up a Big Root (increases HP stolen by HP-draining moves) along your way.

Walk back to the jungle entrance and you will find Mallow. Kiawe and Lana also appear with items to help with the recipe. With all the ingrediens assembled, you and Mallow will begin cooking to lure out the Totem Pokémon. Press Ⓐ to pound the ingredients to a pulp, until the Totem Pokémon appears.





Totem Battle

The Totem Pokémon is Lurantis, a Grass-type. It's advisable to use Fire-types for this battle as they resist Grass-type attacks.

Totem Lurantis' aura raises its Speed, and it can call the following allies:

Check out the Boss Strategy for Totem Lurantis


After defeating Totem Lurantis, Mallow and the other Akala Island captains congratulate you for completing all three of Akala Island's trials. Mallow then gives you the Grassium Z, and teaches you how to use Bloom Doom. She then also gives you 10 Nest Balls. After her fellow captains run off after having tasted her food, Mallow runs after them and reminds you to take on kahuna Olivia's Grand Trial next.

Kukui then appears and gives you TM67 (Smart Strike). You walk with him to Route 5. Kukui suggests that you catch some Grass-types in Lush Jungle in preparation for the Akala Grand Trial, as kahuna Olivia uses Rock-type Pokémon. He then tells you to meet him at the Dimensional Research Lab when you're ready for the Grand Trial.

Now that you've cleared Mallow's trial, head back into Lush Jungle if you want to catch some new Pokémon. After you're done exploring Lush Jungle, exit the jungle and go south to the upper part of Route 5.



Pokémon (All Areas)

Pokémon (Central Area Only)

Pokémon (Northwest Area Only)

Pokémon (North Area Only)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)



Route 5 Northern Area

The first thing you can find is a hidden PP Up (raises the PP of a move by 1/5) by a large rock. Further on, there are Pokémon Dens, where wild Alolan Diglett (Lv.18-21) will hide in dust clouds and then jump out to battle you.

Jump off the first ledge and go the second den on the west to find a hidden Nugget. Walking southwest of the dens (don't jump off the second ledge yet), you can battle Youngster Caleb. Following the path to the west, along the cliff wall, there is a Zygarde Cell. Continue walking behind the Pokémon Center. There is a patch of grass where you can find some Pokémon. West of the grass is another Trainer to battle: Ace Trainer Alexis. South of Alexis is a Hyper Potion. Walk back east to battle Hiker Gabriel.

In the rocky area east of Hiker Gabriel, you can pick up an Ether on a ledge. Walking along a narrow path on the south will allow you to find TM59 (Brutal Swing).

Now that you've defeated all of the Trainers on Route 5, jump off the ledge on the east and the two ledges to the south to go back to the lower portion of the route, and talk to Trial Guide Bronson to battle him.

Bronson will give you TM96 (Nature Powerafter you have defeated him. Now either keep walking south through Paniola Ranch and Route 6 to reach Heahea City again, or use Charizard glide to go there. Go to the Dimensional Research Lab to meet up with Kukui.



Pokémon (Grass)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)




The Dimensional Research Lab

Upon arriving at the Dimensional Research Lab, you find Lillie outside. Follow her into the lab, where you can now actually take the elevator to the lab itself. Heading up to the third floor, you join Kukui, who introduces you to his wife and the person running the lab, Professor Burnet. She reveals that, three months ago, she found Lillie and her Cosmog Nebby lying on a beach, unconscious. She then tells you about the Ultra Wormhole phenomenon.

Sometimes holes opens up in the sky over the Alola region and these acts as rifts that leads to a different dimension. Powerful beings known as Ultra Beasts emerge from these wormholes. It is Burnet's goal to unravel the mysteries of the Ultra Wormhole by studying dimensional disturbances.

You are then free to walk around the lab. Talk to Lillie to discover that Professor Burnet has been helping her research Nebby's origin so that they can send it back home. Go back to the elevator, where Burnet will wish you luck on your next Grand Trial. She tells you that Olivia's house is on the other side of Diglett's Tunnel in Konikoni City. She also advises that you keep an eye out for Team Skull.

Exit the lab. You'll see a rift in the sky and then Hau will come over and talk to you. Now head west, heal your Pokémon and stock up on items at the Pokémon Center if needed, then continue south to Diglett's Tunnel.


To Come Back For Later

• When you have a Ride Pokémon that can move large boulders, move the boulder in the eastern area of Lush Jungle 


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