Melemele Grand Trial

Upon arriving in Iki Town, you are greeted by Professor Kukui and Lillie. Kukui informs you that kahuna Hala uses Fighting-types. Continue walking north to talk to Hala and start the Grand Trial.

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Battle with Island Kahuna Hala

These are the Pokémon Hala will battle with:

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After defeating Hala, he tells you that he isn't surprised by the outcome and Tapu Koko cries out. Hala gives you Fightinium Z and teaches you the pose for All Out Pummeling. He then stamps your passport with the Melemele Trial Completion stamp, which means that Pokémon up to level 35, even those received in trade, will obey you.

Tauros shows up again and Hala has the idea of letting you ride it. You receive a Ride Pager. Press Ⓨ to open the pager menu, then select the Tauros. When riding the Tauros, you can press Ⓑ to dash and this will effectively work as the Rock Smash that featured in previous Pokémon games.

Ilima appears and congratulates you on defeating Hala. He tells you he and a friend developed the Ride Pager, and that you should have a battle with him next time you meet. He wishes you good luck for the rest of your journey.

Kukui walks up to you and gives you TM54 (False Swipe). He says you should tell your mom what you're up to and then head to Hau'oli City Marina. Lillie then asks you for a favor: she wants your help returning Nebby to where he came from and will therefore go with you to the next island. However, now that you have access to Tauros Charge, you have a few things to do first.





Backtracking with Tauros Charge

Tauros Charge gives you to ability to charge through rocks. You may remember some paths being blocked by rocks during your adventure on Melemele Island. Let's go back to those, starting with Route 1.

Exiting Iki Town, follow the road to the east until you see big rocks blocking the path to the southwest. Use Tauros Charge to access a new area. These grass patches contain familiar faces with higher levels along with some new Pokémon.

Walk through the grass patch to the west for a Nest Ball. Now head through the grass patch to the east and jump off the ledge for a Nugget (no practical purpose but can be sold for a high price). Jump off another ledge, and keep jumping ledges to the right until you're back at the route leading to your house.

Now head south. If needed, stock up on Potions, Poké Balls etc. at the Pokémon Center on the road to the left. Head further south from your house to the area where Kukui's lab is. Charge through the rocks on the west side to clear the entrance to Ten Carat Hill!




Pokémon (SOS Battles)



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