Mount Hokulani

Mount Hokulani towers over Malie City as the second tallest peak in Alola. The Observatory is where your next Trial will take place.

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Preparing for the Trial

Before you begin exploring Mount Hokulani, you may want to head into the Pokémon Center to stock up on items and heal your party. Speak to Samson Oak on the East side of the Pokémon Center and he’ll give you a Moon Ball. On the north side of the Pokémon Center, behind the two red trucks, you’ll find a Level Ball. Now walk over to the Observatory entrance, where you’ll find Kukui. A man called Molayne is also waiting for you and wants to battle you.




After you have defeated Molayne, you can enter the Observatory and start your next trial! This time, you’ll be battling against Bug and Electric-type Pokémon so you’ll want to counter-pick by choosing Fire and Rock-type Pokémon.

Speak to the man at the Observatory front desk in order to receive a Comet Shard. Now head north through the doors and take a left to pick up a Zygarde Cell. Continue walking north to meet Trial Captain Sophocles.





Sophocle's Trial

This trial incorporates a quiz into the mix, comprising of four questions.

Sophocle’s machine blows the Observatory’s breakers leaving you in darkness. The security door closes. In order to open it, you’ll need to answer the following question:


What sound do you hear?

[ Answer: Pokémon Center ]


After answering correctly, a Grubbin will appear. This should be pretty easy to defeat. Sophocles isn’t quick enough to catch the door so it closes once more. On to the next question:


You hear that sound when you get what?

[ Answer: Rotom Dex ]


This time a Charjabug will attack but much like the Grubbin, it’s quite weak and shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. Once again, Sophocles doesn’t manage to grab the door so it closes on him.


Which Pokémon’s cry is this sound?

[ Answer: Charjabug ]


Well, that question was pretty easy as we’ve just defeated a Charjabug! There’s one more question to answer, hopefully it’s as simple as the previous questions. Sophocles proves to be as useless as ever by missing the door again. Maybe you’ll be luckier on your fourth try?


What appears when you hear the following music?

[ Answer: Totem Pokémon ]


Okay, now the easy bit is over, it’s time to face Totem Vikavolt!

Totem Battle

Totem Vikavolt is considerably stronger than the smaller Pokémon that you have just faced but it has very similar weaknesses. Totem Vikavolt can also call Charjabug into the battle as an SOS Ally so be sure to focus on the Totem Pokémon as much as possible to finish the battle quicker and more efficiently.   

Totem Vikavolt can call the following allies:

Check out the Boss Strategy for Totem Vikavolt


After you have defeated Totem Vikavolt and its accompanying Charjabug ally, the power will be restored. You will receive Electrium Z from Sophocles and Molayne will show up again to give you Steelium Z. Molayne also asks you to return a mask to Kukui, who will be in Malie Garden.





Exploring the rest of Mount Hokulani

You could fly back to Kukui straight away but exploring this area is the best option for now. Exit the Observatory and follow the path south where you will encounter a few Trainers.

The first Trainer will not battle you until you have defeated all the others on this stretch so we’ll come back to him. Walk slightly further along the path to battle Office Worker Jessica. After defeating Jessica, head towards the tall grass on the east side and walk to the southeast corner, on the cliff to pick up TM72 (Volt Switch). Return to the path and pick up the Fast Ball. Further along, Hiker Thomas is waiting to battle you. There is a Rare Candy hidden on a rock on the south end of the broken railing, near the north end of Hiker Thomas's patrol. Now walk into the tall grass to the west to find a Heavy Ball. On the other side of the grass, you’ll find Collector Todd, who is ready for a battle.

Jump down onto the ledge ahead to retrieve a Max Potion before heading back to battle Veteran Akira, right back at the beginning of the pathway. After you have defeated Akira, he will reward you by gifting you TM95 (Snarl).

On the cliff north of the southernmost grassy area, there is a photo spot where you can take photos of: Beldum, Metang, Clefairy (night), Clefable (night), and Magnezone (night).

It’s now time to fly to Malie City to give Kukui that strange mask.



Pokémon (Grass)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)



Malie Garden Revisited

Upon your return to Malie Garden, you’ll immediately encounter Kukui. Team Skull are also hanging around so you’ll have to defeat Team Skull Boss Guzma before you get a chance to talk to Kukui.

Team Skull Boss Guzma


After you have defeated Guzma, you can finally talk to Kukui and give him the mask from Molayne. He remembers that he needs to give you the Z-Crystal for your very first Pokémon – it’s about time!

Lillie and Acerola arrive and Acerola informs you that your next trial is beyond Route 11 so you better head in that direction next. However, before heading there, there is one more thing to do in Malie Garden.

Nugget Bridge

Leave Malie Garden and then return to find five new Trainers hanging out on the bridge: Rising Star Elijah, Lass Rika, Youngster Tyler, Lass Emmy and Rising Star Sean. Beat all of them, including Veteran Don at the end of the bridge and you will receive a Big Nugget.   


Did you know that this bridge mimics the Nugget Bridge from Kanto? The Trainers that you battle against here use the exactly same Pokémon as the Trainers in Pokémon Red and Blue. This also explains why these Trainers have Pokémon that are not native to Alola.






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