Alola Route 1

After having shown off your new Pokémon to your mom, the game skips to the following day. Kukui comes to pick you up for the festival in Iki Town, but before heading to the festival, he wants to show you how to catch Pokémon. You will be taken to the tall grass on Route 1, east of your house, for this tutorial.

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East Side

After the tutorial, Kukui hands you 10 Poké Balls (used to catch Pokémon) and 5 Potions (restores 20 HP). Now is as good a time as any to start catching some new Pokémon, or a good occasion to train your party by defeating wild ones. If your Pokémon is low on health, you can heal it by using a Potion or ask your mom to heal it for you.

Before you move on, go home and sleep in your bed to receive an Awakening (used to wake sleeping Pokémon) from your mother's pet Meowth.

Go back to the grass east of your house to find a Potion behind the second grassy area. If you walk on you'll meet Youngster Jimmy and Lass Audrey who are eager to battle you.







West Side

Behind the grassy area next to Lass Audrey, you'll find a Poké Ball. The Pokémon in this grass are the same that you would find in the previous area, except they are levels 2-4. Walk ahead, and around the fence on the left you'll find a Antidote (used to heal your Pokémon if it's poisoned).

If you walk back to the intersection, you'll see that the route to the north is closed off. To the south you're blocked off by a kid who tells you to go to the festival. Next to the kid, an area is blocked off by two large rocks. Keep this in mind for later, when you get access to something that can clear these.

For now, continue along the route to the west (the only way you can go). Behind the grass on the right, you'll find a Potion. The Pokémon in this area are different to those found in the previous area. There's another battle ahead as well, against Preschooler Oliver.

Finally, go behind the grass at the end of the route to find a Paralyze Heal (used to heal your Pokémon if it's paralyzed). When you're done exploring this route, head to Iki Town to join the Festival.




Pokémon (SOS Battles)




To Come Back for Later

• The area blocked off by large rocks once you find something to smash through them


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