Alola Route 10

You'll need to explore Route 10 before making your way to Mount Hokulani, which can only be reached using the Exeggutor Express bus.

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Stufful Hunt

You will meet an old lady near the entrance to Route 10. She asks you to help her find her Stufful (there are eight of them in total). If you find them all and return them to her, she’ll give you a Never-Melt Ice and 15,000P. The Stufful are reasonably well hidden behind trees and in the tall grass along the route. You'll find the Stuffuls here:

You can pick up a hidden Lemonade in front of the rock on the south side of the path, near the entrance to Route 10. Be aware of the shaking trees along Route 10 as there are Flying-type Pokémon in this area that may attack you if you get too close.




Exploring the rest of Route 10

Continue walking down the path and you’ll meet Firefighter Alex, who wants to battle you. Walk northwest of Alex and through the tall grass to pick up a Paralyze Heal. You should now be close to a tree. If you walk south of the tree, it will begin shaking. You can also find a hidden Tiny Mushroom here. Continue walking until you reach the Trial Guide near the berry pile.

You may find the following berries in the pile:

If you speak to the Trial Guide, she will heal your Pokémon. Walk a bit further along the path to battle Beauty Andrea.

Walking further still, turn left into the tall grass and you’ll find an X Accuracy. Now head back to the main road and walk towards the trainer tip sign. You will a Zygarde Cell here. Further on, Police Officer Mitchell is waiting to battle you.

Beyond the Police Officer, near the end of Route 10 you’ll encounter a couple of Team Skull Grunts. As usual, they are causing trouble; this time they are trying to steal a bus stop sign. Both grunts want to battle you so you’ll face two single battles back-to-back. After you have defeated the grunts, Kukui appears and want to accompany you on your first visit to Mount Hokulani. Interact with the bus stop sign, and the Exeggutor Express bus will soon arrive to take you to the mountain Observatory. 



Pokémon (Grass)

Pokémon (Rustling Trees)

Pokémon (SOS Battle)

Pokémon (Berry Pile)





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