Alola Route 15 & Abandoned Thrifty Megamart

Route 15 is an aquatic route on the southwest side of Ula’ula Island. Here you’ll find Aether House, which is a special place for children who have no one to care for them.

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Route 15

Walk straight towards Aether House. As soon as you enter the house, you’ll be challenged to a battle by Preschooler Hunter. After defeating Hunter, go into the room on the left to find a Zygarde Cell.

As you’re leaving the house, Acerola appears and informs you that she’s the Captain for your next Island Trial. She will guide you back towards Route 14 for your trial however, when you get outside the house you notice a Team Skull Grunt harassing Lillie. You better battle him and help her!

After defeating the Grunt, Lillie thanks you for helping her and hands you five Luxury Balls. It’s now time to follow Acerola back to Abandoned Thrifty Megamart. 



Pokémon (Grass)

Pokémon (Surfing)

Pokémon (Fishing)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)





Acerola's Trial in Abandoned Thrifty Megamart

When you arrive at the trial site, Acerola will update your Poké Finder with a new function that will help you to see things that you wouldn’t usually see. Walk into the Megamart and begin searching for Ghost-type Pokémon.


The Conveyor Belt

The conveyor belt will randomly start moving. Head over to it and use your Poké Finder to locate the Gastly.


The Shopping Cart

After defeating the Gastly, continue exploring the Megamart. When you notice the shopping cart moving, use your Poké Finder again and you’ll encounter a Haunter.


The Dolls

There’s got to be a Totem Pokémon around here somewhere! Continue walking around the store until you catch sight of what looks like a Pikachu. Follow it to the back of the Megamart and you’ll see that a rack of dolls immediately begins to move. Time to get that Poké Finder out again! This time, you’ll encounter a Gengar.


It seems as though you're getting closer to the Totem Pokémon. Follow what still looks like a Pikachu to the back of the Megamart and walk through the doors. You’ll notice that your Poké Finder activates on its own this time and that you are now standing in a small room. Scan the room until you find the Totem Pokémon.

Totem Battle

Totem Mimikyu will force you to change how you fight it as the battle continues so you’ll have to pay close attention. It’s aura raises all of its stats and its Disguise Ability trumps your first attack. Avoid picking Ghost-type Pokémon against Totem Mimikyu as it can use Mimic to learn your Pokémon’s moves. 

Totem Mimikyu can call the following allies:

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Once you have completed Acerola’s Trial, she rewards you by gifting you Ghostium Z and ten Dusk Balls.

Backtracking to Tapu Village

Now is the perfect time to catch a Haunter. Once you have caught one, head back to Tapu Village and speak to the Hiker inside the Pokémon Center. He'll trade his Alolan Graveler for your Haunter. 

You’re now ready to head back to Route 15 now to continue your journey.



Pokémon (Only after Acerola's Trial)



Route 15 Revisited

When you get back to Route 15, Team Skull are waiting for you. This time, they have Plumeria with them. It’s time to battle Team Skull Admin Plumeria!

Team Skull Admin Plumeria

Plumeria and the Grunts take a Yungoos from Aether House before they depart. Unfortunately, you’ll have to go all the way to Po Town to rescue it. The Yungoos belonged to a girl at Aether House. She asks you to get her Yungoos back and gives you a Rare Candy. Before heading for Po Town, we should check out Route 15 first.

Begin walking west to battle Ace Trainer Yuki. Walk through the tall grass behind him and pick up the Hyper Potion. You can also find a Zygarde Cell slightly south from here, on the shore. Now talk to the man dressed in black and white, his name is Grimsley. It turns out that Grimsley is a great guy and he adds Sharpedo to your Ride Pager.

Good to know: Sharpedo is an excellent Ride Pokémon that has two very important skills. Stand near the edge of the water and press Ⓨ to select Sharpedo for swimming. Use the circle pad to steer Sharpedo and hold Ⓑ to use Sharpedo Jet. This move enables Sharpedo to swim faster and smash through certain types of rocks.

Enter the water with Sharpedo and head south, smashing the rocks on your way. Follow the curve of the water round and hop onto the land in the middle. Here you will meet and battle Ace Trainer Karla. Behind her, you will find TM93 (Wild Charge).

Now go back into the water and head west, breaking the rock on the far west to find a hidden Star Piece. Head back in an easterly direction and then north through the middle of the two pieces of land to battle Swimmer Jared.

Continue heading southeast towards the beach, where you’ll notice two trainers doing sit ups. Battle Swimmers Yumi and Jake. Pick up the Dive Ball located behind them and once again, go back into the water. This time, you’ll want to head west to battle Swimmer Alexandria.

On the northwestern beach, you can find a hidden Pearl against the cliff north of the Fisherman and a Normal Gem in the northwest corner of the beach. Once you have battled all the Trainers along this route, you can battle Trial Guide Katrina. She'll award you a PP Up when you defeat her. 

Let's take a small detour before heading onto Route 16. Now that you have Sharpedo, you can pick up a few items that we were unable to reach before.



Pokémon (Grass)

Pokémon (Surfing)

Pokémon (Fishing)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)




Crashing through the Melemele Sea

Now that you have Sharpedo in your Ride Pager, you can head back to Melemele Sea. Head to Professor Kukui's Lab and walk down onto the beach. Stand at the end of the beach, in the water and summon Sharpedo. Swim right across the Melemele Sea until you reach a wall of rocks. Smash through the rocks by holding Ⓑ to make Sharpedo swim faster. Bear right and stick close to the island on your right. You should be able to walk onto and island that is surrounded by horse-shoe shaped rocks. On the sand, you can pick up TM80 (Rock Slide).





A Secret Cove in Ten Carat Hill

Hop back onto Sharpedo and swim around to the left. Hug the coastline until you reach a small wall of rocks surrounding the cliff. Smash through the rocks and swim through the tunnel to reach Ten Carat Hill. At the end of the tunnel, jump onto the land to pick up TM64 (Explosion)


Finally, you can touch dry land once again and make your way to Route 16!





To Come Back For Later

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