Alola Route 2

In order to reach Verdant Cavern for your first Island Challenge, you’ll have to make your way along Route 2.

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Rustling Grass

Upon entering the route, a man greets you and explains the rustling grass phenomenon. Some tall grass patches are shaking, and there are wild Pokémon hidden there. As you approach said patches, the Pokémon causing the grass to rustle approaches you, and when you meet, the battle begins. Pokémon in rustling spots like these can drop items once they have been defeated.

There are new Pokémon available in the grass patches, including Makuhita. It is a Fighting-type, which makes it a really useful Pokémon for your upcoming trial. The majority of the Pokémon in the upcoming trial are Normal-type, so Fighting-type moves will be super-effective against them. Defeating a Makuhita in rustling grass can reward you with Oran or Sitrus Berries (both can be used to heal your Pokémon).

Opposite the grass Beauty Krystal is waiting to battle you. Further north you'll find that the path west is blocked by rocks. Keep this in mind as you will be able to return and break through these later. You can now head east to the Hau'oli Cemetery.



Pokémon (grass)

Pokémon (rustling grass)




Hau'oli Cemetery

When entering the cemetery, keep walking straight, and follow the path through a patch of grass and then north to find TM100 (Confide). Walk back, then go north between the graves. On the left, behind the grave next to the bushes there is a Paralyze Heal. There are two Trainers to battle here too: Gentleman Stanley and Pokémon Breeder Ikue.

Go east from Breeder Ikue and behind the grave next to the bushes you will find a Big Mushroom (no practical purpose but can be sold for a high price). In front of the grave behind the mushroom is a photo spot. Here you can snap a shot of flying Pikipek. Alternatively, if you’re here at night, you can photograph Zubat and Gastly (respectively). Now walk to the west to battle Office Worker Jeremy.

After the battle, keep walking west to find a Super Potion in front of the second grave from the left.

Now is also a good time to catch a Drifloon to complete a side quest back in the Hau'oli City Pokemon center. If you haven’t done so yet, take your Drifloon back to the Center to receive 10,000P from the girl that gave you the quest.







Save the Berry Fields

Go back to Route 2 and continue walking north. Go west past the guy on a Tauros and press Ⓐ in front of the empty spot behind the lamppost to get a hidden Repel (used to prevent wild Pokémon from appearing). Walk north to find a Super Potion behind a car. Go into the motel room behind it, and talk to the man at the table to receive two Nest Balls (similar to Poké Balls; work better on lower-level Pokémon). Walk back and go east, past the house, and then south through a grassy patch. Jump off the ledge and grab the Heal Ball. Continue walking north to battle Preschooler Kaleb.

Upon reaching a point midway in the route, a Delibird appears and grabs your bag. It then points towards a direction, as if it wants you to help it with something. You follow it into the Berry Fields. You find two Team Skull Grunts are causing trouble with the owner of the Berry Fields. One of them notices you and wants to battle.

Upon defeating him, both Team Skull Grunts leave and the owner of the Berry Fields thanks you, giving you an Oran Berry as a gift. Explore the area and you'll find a number of items. Behind the house is some Silver Powder (boosts the power of Bug-type moves when held); in the bottom left of the fields is a Big Mushroom and hidden on the northeast side of the fields is a Repel. You may also find a pile of berries that will respawn after a while after being picked up:

With the Berry Fields safe, you can continue walking. Backpacker Ashley is waiting to battle you up ahead.

The next patches of grass contain different Pokémon than before. For example, Cutiefly is a Bug and Fairy-type which makes it very useful against Fighting-types. You should be prepared for these types of Pokémon. Just before the first patch of grass, Lass Isabella is waiting to battle you.

Behind her is a Super Potion. Keep following the road to meet Hau again, who takes you to the Pokémon Center nearby and gives you three Revives - these may prove to be really useful for the upcoming trial. At the Pokémon Center, the girl on the right wants to trade her Machop for a Spearow. Its nickname is Macho and it's holding an X Attack. A woman next to the Café will reward you with 3,000P if you register a Cutiefly in your Pokédex. Both Spearow and Cutiefly can be caught in the grass around the Pokémon Center. Furthermore, the right clerk at the Poké Mart sells battle items and special Poké Balls (Heal Balls, Nest Balls, and Luxury Balls).

Exit the Pokémon Center and go behind the patch of grass on the right of it to find another Berry Pile. Then go South to meet Preschooler Malia near the Pokémon Center.

Walk between the two fences next to the grass patch, and walk up the hill to get a Revive. Next to it Pokémon Breeder Jay is waiting to battle you. Afterwards go back to the Pokémon Center to heal and stock up on any items you may need, because next up is your first trial, in Verdant Cavern!




Pokémon (Berry Pile)





To Come Back For Later

• After becoming a Champion, return to Route 2 to pick up a new item 


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