Alola Route 3

After exiting Verdant Cavern, Ilima is waiting for you and clears the barricade that was blocking Route 3. He tells you to go inform kahuna Hala that you clearned the trial.

• View the Melemele Island Map

Kukui appears and gives you a tutorial on how to use Z-Moves. You start by choosing a Z-Crystal from your bag and giving it to a Pokémon. Z-Crystals are compatible with a Pokémon if it knows a move of the same type as the crystal. You can use a Z-Crystal over and over again, but only once per battle. You can use a Z-Move by pressing the Z-Power button during battle. Read more about Z-Crystals and Z-Moves.

Kukui will then tell you that he lost Lillie somewhere on Route 3 and asks you to help find her.

Exploring Route 3

You can now explore the first part of Route 3. A backpacking man tells you that Pokémon are flying in the air here and will attack when you walk close to their shadow. Just like Pokémon from rustling spots, these flying Pokémon can reward you with items when you defeat them. In this case, you may receive Sharp Beaks (boost Flying-type moves) and Pretty Wings (no practical purpose but can be sold for a high price).


Now that you've beaten the first trial, wild Pokémon have the ability to call allies during battle, just like the Totem Pokémon could.


Run up the cliff on the right to find a Sharp Beak. Walk back along to the other side of the path and press Ⓐ while standing in front of the cut out on the side of the path to get a hidden Stardust (no practical purpose but can be sold for a high price). Now take the path on the left to battle Rising Star Ian. Further up is a patch of grass, where new Pokémon can be found. At the right end of the grass patch is a Heal Ball. Continue walking and battle Rising Star Tatiana.

Kukui blocks the bridge ahead, and probably won't let you through until you find Lillie. The Trainer next to Kukui says he won't battle you until you beat all other Trainers on Route 3. East of Kukui is another grass patch and a man who will give you a Soothe Bell (raises your Pokémon's Friendship when held). North of the grass patch is an item blocked by rocks. Keep this in mind for when you get something to break rocks with.

For now the only other way to go is Melemele Meadow, through an entrance on the west, north of Kukui.



Pokémon (Flying)

Pokémon (Grass North of the Bridge)




Melemele Meadow

Here you will find Lillie, who has lost Nebby yet again. If you talk to Lillie, she will heal your Pokémon. Go south and follow the path to find a Great Ball. Now cross the yellow flowers, where new Pokémon can be found.

There's a shining spot in the flower field, approaching it gives you a Yellow Nectar (allows you to transform an Oricorio into its Pom-Pom Style form). Walk west through the flowers, go up the ramp, and to the south, you'll find a Net Ball (similar to a Poké Ball; works better on Water and Bug-type Pokémon).

Follow the path to the northeast and jump off the ledge to end up in another flower field. Follow this to the west and go up the hill. Walk past Nebby - do not interact with it as that will take you out of the area. Walk through the flower field to get a Poison Barb (boosts the power of Poison-type moves when held).

Walk to the end of the path to find another photo spot, where you can take photos of Cutiefly and Pom-Pom Style Oricorio. Now go back past Nebby and walk through the flower field on the east side, past a woman and then off the ledge. Walk through the big flower field again, and head southwest. Walk as far as you can possibly go and you will see a hole in the wall. Enter it to end up in Seaward Cave. It's recommended to take Repels with you, if you don't want to continually encounter Pokémon in the cave.



Pokémon (Yellow Flowers)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)



Seaward Cave and Kala'e Bay

Immediately on the right you'll find an Escape Rope (used to immediately get out of a cave or dungeon). Follow the path south, to find a Heal Ball on the west behind a rock. Now go east. Don't jump off the ledge you encounter yet, you'll find an area blocked off by rocks, so you can't enter that yet. Instead, keep following the path and take the next sideway to the east.

Follow the path on the right for a Never-Melt Ice (boosts the power of Ice-type moves when held). Now go back and follow the path on the left to get a Super Potion. Keep following the path and go into the sideway for a hidden Star Piece (no practical purpose but can be sold for a high price). Continue to follow the path until you find the entrance to Kala'e Bay.

Walk to the north to get a Net Ball. There's nothing else to do here for now, until you get something to cross water with.

Go all the way back and exit Seaward Cave. Interact with Nebby at the north of Melemele Meadow and you’ll return it to Lillie, who heals your Pokémon as a thank you. Together you'll walk outside to meet Hau again, who immediately wants another battle with you.






Another Battle with Hau

If you started with Rowlet, Hau will have:

If you started with Litten, Hau will have:

If you started with Popplio, Hau will have:

After defeating Hau, Kukui arrives and thanks you for tracking down Lillie. Your next destination is to go back to Iki Town, to take on Kahuna Hala’s Grand Trial. Follow Kukui and the rest across the bridge Kukui was blocking earlier. Now is a convenient time to explore the rest of Route 3.

Across the Bridge

You'll immediately be challenged by Rising Star Joshua. After beating him, you will have beaten all the Trainers on Route 3. Walk back across the bridge to battle Ace Trainer Makana. Both his Pokémon are holding a Red Card (the first time a Pokémon attacks yours, they will be switched out with another random Pokémon in their party). After defeating Makana, he rewards you with a Red Card of your own.

Walk across the bridge to the south again and find a Super Potion on the right side of the road. Follow the path to the end of it, then walk around it to find a patch of grass with a pile of berries behind it. It can give you the following berries:

When you interact with the berries, a Pokémon may attack you before you get a chance to pick them up. West of the tree you will also find a Nest Ball.

Walk back south to find a guy who will pay you 3,000P if you have a Rockruff registered in your Pokédex. You can't catch one until you can access Ten Carat Hill, so keep this in mind for later. If you're done exploring, exit Route 3 and you'll find yourself back on Route 1. Go west to go back to Iki Town for your first Grand Trial!



Pokémon (Grass South of the Bridge)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)

Pokémon (Berry Pile)




To Come Back For Later

• Path in Seaward cave, blocked off by rocks. Come back when you have something to break rocks with 

• When you get something to cross water with, you can explore the water in Seaward Cave and Kala'e Bay 

• Catch a Rockruff in Ten Carat Hill and show it to the man at the end of Route 3 to get 3,000P 




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