Alola Route 4 & Paniola Town

Time to explore your first route on a new island!

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Route 4

Route 4 immediately starts with a patch of grass, where new Pokémon can be found. Go to the right through the grass to pick up a Great Ball. On the left side of the path is a Trainer to battle, Bellhop Jody.

Continue north, then take the right side path and press A in front of the rock to get a hidden Tiny Mushroom. Now take the left path up the hill and grab the green sparkle for another Zygarde Cell. Go through the grass southwest to battle Collector Bryan. Directly behind Collector Bryan, you can find a Revive. Continue walking northwest to battle Sightseer Scotty. Walk over to the rock formation on the northern side and press Ⓐ against the rock to find a hidden Dire Hit.

Jump off the ledge on the east and grab the Adrenaline Orb (makes Pokémon more likely to call for help in battle). This item is useful for training Pokémon. Walk through the grass to the northeast for another Trainer, Cook Ernie

South of Cook Ernie there's an Energy Root. At the end of the grass patch. On the right of Cook Ernie you will notice a pile of berries. A Pokémon may jump out when you approach the pile. The pile may give you the following berries:

Walk south of the Berry tree and press Ⓐ to find a hidden Big Mushroom. When you're done exploring, walk north into Paniola Town.




Pokémon (SOS Battles)

Pokémon (Berry Pile)



Paniola Town

Upon arriving in Paniola Town, you are immediately confronted by Hau, who says that his grandfather gave him a Z-Ring and would like to battle you.


If you chose Rowlet as your starter, Hau will have:

If you chose Litten as your starter, Hau will have:

If you chose Popplio as your starter, Hau will have:

After defeating Hau, he rewards you with a Dire Hit (raises a Pokémon's critical hit ratio during battle).

Continuing on to the west side of Paniola Town, you'll find a house with a boy in front of it. Talk with him, and he reveals that if you complete Kiawe's trial, you get to ride on a Charizard. Go into the house; you'll notice it's full of Magmar. Go upstairs to get a Quick Ball (higher catch rate during first turn of battle) from one of the Magmar.

Go back outside and talk to the girl riding a Tauros. You'll learn that when riding Tauros it can kick up items while running. South of the girl is a hidden Fresh Water which you can find by pressing Ⓐ against the left side of the fence. Now go the top left-hand side of the area to find a hidden Revive by pressing Ⓐ in front of the hay cart.

On the east side of town there's a Pokémon Center. The Poké Mart inside sells special Poké Balls (Repeat Balls, Timer Balls, and Net Balls). The Café will make you Pinap Juice, Roserade Tea, or Komala Coffee.

Follow the path next to the Pokémon Center to the north to end up at Paniola Ranch.



Pokémon (Fishing)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)


Paniola Ranch

One of the first people you meet is Madame Elizabeth, who wants to battle you.

Keep following the road until you meet a Pokémon Breeder. They tell you that a Trial Captain is at the Ranch and then take you to Moomoo Paddock. It turns out that it's Mallow, who is there for the Moomoo Milk to use in her recipes. Mallow registers Stoutland in your Ride Pager. This gives you access to Stoutland Search, which summons a Stouland that is capable of sniffing out hidden items. When you summon Stoutland, press Ⓑ to starts searching, and press Ⓐ as soon as the exclamation mark above Stoutland turns red, to pick up a hidden item.

Mallow then suggests heading down Route 5 to Brooklet Hill, where her friend Lana is. However, before you go, there is more to do at the Ranch. First of all, run up to the lone Tauros standing in the top left corner. This triggers a battle with Pokémon Breeder Wesley. After defeating Wesley, he'll reward you with a Scope Lens (increases a Pokémon's critical hit ratio when held).

Now it's time to try out Stoutland Search and sniff out some items. Summon Stoutland and go to the bottom left of the paddock to find a hidden Fresh Water. A hidden Moomoo Milk (can be used to heal Pokémon) can be found on the north side, to the right of the feeding trays. In the bottom right, next to the hay bales is a hidden Repel.

Now leave Moomoo Paddock, while still riding Stoutland, and go south through the patch of grass. Use Stoutland to find a hidden Soda Pop (heals Pokémon) which can be found on the east side of the grass patch. Now go west over the ramp to find a Zygarde Cell (only at night), and then an Ether in the bottom left corner of the grass patch. Now use Stoutland to find a hidden Super Repel (works just like a Repel but is effective for a longer period of time) in the grass patch. Go through the grass patch to the east and battle Pokémon Breeder Glenn.

Northeast of Glenn, in the corner, is another Zygarde Cell (only during the day). Run east over another little hill and go through the grass to find the Pokémon Nursery. Inside, the girl on the left gives you TM100 (Hidden Power) She can also tell you what type each of your Pokémon's Hidden Power would be. The girl at the counter gives you a Pokémon Egg. Keep the Egg in your party and walk lots to make it hatch. You can also leave two compatible Pokémon at the Nursery to let them make Pokémon Eggs. Read more about this in our breeding guide.

In the small fenced area across the Nursery, there's a hidden Oval Stone (evolves Happiny if it levels up while holding it during the day) on the right-hand side. Behind the red truck on the right side of the Nursery, there's an Amulet Coin (doubles your reward money from a battle when held by a Pokémon). Now use Stoutland to search the grass patch on the east to find a hidden Big Mushroom. You can find a Heal Ball south of the grass. In front of the grass patch stands Pokémon Breeder Amanda, ready to battle you.

You'll find that the path to the south is blocked by two Sudowoodo, so continue to the north and battle Gentleman Gerald. When you're done exploring the Ranch, go to Route 5.




Pokémon (SOS Battles)




To Come Back For Later

• After becoming a Champion, return to Paniola Town to receive a cool item  


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