Alola Route 5

Route 5 is the last route before you take on the next trial in Brooklet Hill. Prepare yourself for the trial by training your Pokémon here and/or catching Pokémon which are suitable to take on the trial.

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Trial Guide Challenge

At the start of Route 5, a Trial Guide challenges you to defeat all the Trainers on Route 5. However, you can't access the Trainers on the northern side of the route yet, so keep this in mind for later.

You're immediately challenged by two Trainers to a double battle, Twins Isa and Nico. In the area behind the twins you'll find a Super Potion and the first grass patches of this route.

Go up the first slope to the east of the grass patch and follow the path to the north for TM41 (Torment). Jump off the cliff, call Stoutland and go back into the grass to find a hidden Star Piece on the second slope, on the east side. Now run around the rocks to the west of the grass to battle the next Trainer, Pokémon Breeder Yuka.




Pokémon (SOS Battles)



A Mysterious Stranger

West of Breeder Yuka, the path is blocked by two Team Skull Grunts doing squats in the middle of the road. Run back south to the start of the route and go past the twins to find Hau and a mysterious stranger. Hau appears to have lost to the stranger, who introduces himself as Gladion. His goal is to battle with his partner, a Type: Null, to make it strong, though he also does 'small jobs' for Team Skull. He then wants to battle you.

After defeating him, two Team Skull Grunts come up and taunt Gladion, saying it's his fault they couldn't steal the Totem Pokémon from Brooklet Hill. They then leave together with Gladion, after which Hau thanks you and gives you 3 revives. Continue walking north for another double battle, with Rising Star Duo Lauren and Justin.

Keep following the road for a Pokémon Center. Inside, the man on the right gives you a Dire Hit. A fellow on the left wants to trade his Bounsweet for a Lillipup. Bounsweet is a Grass-type, so if you don't want to use Fomantis, making this trade would help you in the upcoming trial. The Bounsweet is called Bouncee and is holding a Bright Powder (lowers the opposing Pokémon accuracy when held). The man at the window asks you to catch a Feebas and will reward you if you show him its registration in your Pokédex. Exit the Pokémon Center and walk southwest to battle another Trainer, Pokémon Breeder Cory.

Next to Breeder Cory you will notice a pile of berries. A Pokémon may jump out when you approach the berries. The pile can give you the following berries:

Keep following the path south, then east and go up into the side path to find TM57 (Charge Beamat the end. As mentioned before, you can't reach the upper path of the route yet until later, so for now go back to the Pokémon center to heal your Pokémon and stock up on items if needed. If you feel you're ready, then go west from the Center to start your next trial in Brooklet Hill!



Pokémon (Berry Pile)





To Come Back For Later

• After being able to reach the northen part of Route 5 and having defeated all the trainers there, go back to the Trial Guide at the start of the route to receive a reward 

• Catch a Feebas and show its Pokédex entry to the man at the window in the Pokémon Center to receive a reward 


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