Alola Route 8

On exiting Wela Volcano Park, approach the Trial Guide blocking the path to Route 8. Seeing the Firium Z, she will remove the captain's barrier and allow you to pass into Route 8, and onward toward Captain Mallow's Trial.

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Meeting Colress & Exchange Fossils

The first thing you will notice on Route 8 is an Ace Trainer standing by the signs. Much like the Ace Trainer from Route 3, she will not battle you until you have defeated all of the other Trainers on Route 8.

Continue onward to find a Zygarde Cell close to the building. Go inside the building and you'll find two Aether Foundation workers. One will ask you to register a Stufful in your Pokédex. Passing by the Aether Foundation building, you are stopped by a mysterious individual who introduces himself as Colress, a scientist. He will give you TM43 (Flame Chargeand says that it should come in handy for your next trial.

In front of the Aether Foundation building, there is a photo spot, where you can take pictures of Alolan Rattata (at night), Yungoos (during the day), and Crabrawler. West of the building, there's a patch of grass with wild Pokémon.

Catch a Stufful and show its Pokédex entry to the Aether Foundation worker in the building to receive 5,000P. Following the narrow path behind the grass, you can pick up a Big Pearl. Jump off the ledge and use Stoutland Search to find a hidden Max Repel on the rock by the water. There's also a bubbling spot to fish at.

Walk south to go back to the main road. Follow the road to the west again to battle Backpacker Kiana. Keep on walking to be challenged by Rising Star Mikey on the hill. Grab the Hyper Potion on the ground to the west of Mikey, then go through the grass on the south to find a Miracle Seed (boosts Grass-type moves when held).

Walking up the raised area that Mikey is standing on, use Stoutland Search to find a hidden Adrenaline Orb, below the grass. Further on you'll find a Berry pile which can give you the following berries:

Be aware that you can be attacked by a Pokémon when interacting with the Berry pile.

South of the Berry pile Rising Star Nicki is waiting to battle you. Keep walking west to battle Scientist Tyrone. Go through the grass next to Tyrone for an Ultra Ball.

Take the side path to the southeast, where you'll find the Fossil Restoration Center in the form of a trailer. Use Stoutland Search to find a hidden Awakening in the box on the right of the trailer, and walk behind the trailer for a Thunder Stone (used to evolve certain Pokémon). You can talk to the man in front of the trailer about his dream to make a park filled with Pokémon revived from fossils. There's not much else to do here for now.

However, keep the Fossil Restoration Center place in mind if you ever happen to acquire any fossils




Pokémon (Chase)

Pokémon (Fishing at Bubbling Spots)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)

Pokémon (Berry Pile)




The Roadside Motel

Go back to the main road and follow it south to find a Pokémon Center. Use Stoutland Search to find a hidden Iron on the large rock to the right of the Center. Inside the Pokémon Center, the clerk on the right at the Poké Mart sells special Poké Balls (Quick Balls, Dive Balls, and Dusk Balls) and battle items.

To the left of the Pokémon Center, you will find the Roadside Motel. Behind the first door you'll find the reception area, where you can buy Fresh Water and Soda Pops from the vending machine. The lady behind the counter tells you that a Team Skull member is residing two doors down. Investigating the room reveals that it's Gladion, who tells you to get out.

Off to the left side of the motel is a narrow path, which leads to a Dive Ball. In the motel parking lot you will find two Trainers: Golfer Maile and Golfer Alan.

If you've defeated all the trainers along the way, go back to the start of the route to battle Ace Trainer Eileen. After you have defeated her, she will reward you with TM58 (Sky Drop).






Catch the Wimpod

Continuing towards Lush Jungle, you find a side path to the southwest. At the start of the path there is a Zygarde Cell in front of a large rock. Continue along the path to enter a rocky area where you will notice a Wimpod. Don't approach it, as it will run as soon as it sees you. Keep walking west and use Lapras Paddle to surf on the water. Here you will also find some fishing spots.

At the far east is a Water Stone underwater (used to evolve certain Pokémon). There's also a little island, where two people are training. Approach them and Karate Family Samuel and Guy will challenge you to a double battle.

Now surf the water on the other side of the island and go back east to the rocky area with the Wimpod. We recommend that you save your game here as it's easy to scare the Wimpod in battle which will result in it fleeing. It can take a while for another Wimpod to reappear in this area.

Approach the Wimpod and as soon as it starts running, run back and stand in front of its den, on the nortwest wall. It won't be able to escape and will attack you instead.

Wimpod (Lv.17-20) has the Ability Wimp Out (if its HP is below 50% it will flee the battle). The best thing to do is to use a Quick Ball at the start of the battle. You've gotten a few from Kiawe, and you can also buy them at the nearby Pokémon Center. If you defeat or catch the Wimpod, it may also drop a Big Pearl or a Nugget.

If you didn't save the game beforehand and do scare it away or make it flee or faint, go back to the Pokémon Center and return to the area. Keep doing this until a new Wimpod appears.

There is nothing more to explore in this area. You can continue onward to the Lush Forest and Captain Mallow's Trial.



Pokémon (Surfing)

Pokémon (Fishing)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)




To Come Back For Later

• If you find any fossils, talk to the man in front of the Fossil Restoration Center.

• Return here after becoming a Champion to speak to Colress in front of the Aether Foundation building  


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