Diglett's Tunnel & Alola Route 9

Upon entering Diglett’s Tunnel, kahuna Olivia will once again ask how many trials you have completed. She is impressed that you completed Mallow's trial, and says that the Diglett have calmed down now. She invites you to meet her in her shop, located in Konikoni City, at the other end of the tunnel.

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Diglett's Tunnel

First take the path to the east and battle Worker Frank. Behind Frank is a Dusk Ball. Further on is a dead end, so return west to explore the west area. There's a Trainer close to the entrance who will only battle you if you have defeated all other trainers in the tunnel. Use Stoutland Search to find a hidden Escape Rope west of the Trainer, in front of two small rocks.

Stay on Stoutland to find a hidden X Attack in front of two small rocks just around the corner. Now switch to Tauros and break the rocks behind the stairs for a Fire Stone (used to evolve certain Pokémon). Go up the stairs to meet two Aether Foundation workers. They talk to you for a bit, then leave again. As you proceed, you can walk down the sidepath to the south. Further on is a large boulder. Come back for this later which something that can move large rocks.

East of the boulder is Worker Jeff. Jump off the ledge next to him and continue south again. Find a Hyper Potion a bit further along, next to a wheelbarrow. Keep walking to battle Worker Vaclav. In the northeast you'll find a hidden Nugget in the box next to the wheelbarrow, and a Zygarde Cell in the corner.

If you've defeated all workers along the way, you can now walk back to the entrance to battle Black Belt Greg. Greg will reward you with a Max Revive, once you have defeated him. Walk back to the south of the tunnel to encounter two Team Skull Grunts west of Worker Vaclav. Hau shows up to help and you both battle the grunts. Upon defeating them, Hau will give you a Max Ether (fully restores the PP of one move). Keep walking south to reach the end of the tunnel to enter Route 9.



Pokémon (Cave)

Pokémon (Rustling Spots)





Route 9

The first building you will notice is the Police Station. You can enter it, but there's not much to do there. Keep walking on to battle Police Officer Haruki. Continue walking. You can enter Konikoni City on the northwest, but for now, lets finish exploring Route 9. Keep walking and battle Fisherman Mike. West of Mike is a hidden X Accuracy on the rock. East of Mike is a Net Ball. Walking back north, you can take the path southeast to Memorial Hill. However, you will need to travel this path later anyway, so let's visit Konikoni City first.



Pokémon (Fishing)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)




To Come Back For Later

• The large boulder west of Worker Jeff. Come back when you have access to something that can move large boulders 


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