Royal Avenue & Alola Route 7

Before visiting the Battle Royal itself, there are some items to find in the avenue.

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Exploring Royal Avenue

First walk ahead to find a Pokémon Center. The clerk on the right at the Poké Mart sells several TM's, all for 50,000P a piece:

Keep walking east from the Pokémon Center and grab some Pink Nectar (transforms Oricorio into its Pa'u Style) from the shining pink bushes. There is a photo spot south of the bushes where you can take pictures of Butterfree. In the corner northwest of the ring of flower bushes, you'll find a Zygarde Cell.

Further east is a Malasada Shop. On the right-hand side you can find a hidden Rare Candy on the construction materials. Inside the shop, you can purchase Sour and Dry Malasada (increases a Pokémon's Affection) from the cashier on the left. From the cashier on the right you can buy one Big Malasada per day (heals status conditions). Walk north to find Gladion at the Battle Royal mumbling to himself, he then enters the building. Before going in yourself, walk to the northwest of the area and go into the narrow sidepath to pick up an Ultra Ball.

Now go the east to find the Thrifty Megamart. In the parking lot, between the red truck and the blue truck, you will find another Zygarde Cell (only during the day). In the bottom right corner, you fill find a pair of Team Skull Grunts skulking around doing squats. Near them, you can use your Stoutland Search to sniff out a hidden Soda Pop. Behind the Megamart, you can find a HP Up (raises a Pokémon's HP).

Upon entering, a clerk will immedialy give you a discount coupon. At the Megamart you can purchase the following items:

The cashier on the far left doesn't sell you anything, but suggest that you talk to him after becoming the strongest trainer in Alola. To the left of the leftmost cashier, a clerk will give you a random berry once a day. This can be one of the following berries:

Further north is a Hypno begging for money. If you give him 1,000P, it reveals that it's just a guy dressed like a Hypno. He rewards you with TM44 (Rest). On the east side of the Megamart is a boy with a Drifloon. Talking to the Drifloon reveals it's the same Drifloon you saved earlier and it will give you a Lemonade.





Battle Royal

Exit the Megamart, and enter the Battle Royal Dome. Inside, you find yourself talking to a mysterious masked madman, the Masked Royal. There is something very...familiar about this character.

Anyway, Masked Royal will teach you how Battle Royals are conducted. Battle Royals are a simultaneous battle between four Trainers, who select three Pokémon each, and then have an all out brawl. The battle is over when one Trainer's team cannot battle anymore. At that point, the Trainer with the most Pokémon remaining wins.

Hau is also in the Battle Royal Dome and declares that he'd like to join the Battle Royal. The Masked Royal agrees, tells Gladion to participate and decides to join the battle himself. The Pokémon you use in the Battle Royal will be the first one in your party.

Opponent 1: Hau


If you chose Rowlet as your starter, Hau will have:

If you chose Litten as your starter, Hau will have:

If you chose Popplio as your starter, Hau will have:


Opponent 2: Gladion


Opponent 3: Masked Royal


Upon completing the Battle Royal, a mysterious stranger will come up to you and introduce himself as Kiawe, the fire captain. He says that he watched the battle and will be waiting for you in the Wela Volcano Park to complete his trial. Gladion then reveals that he goes through Battle Royals since he and Null are now on their own.

Battling in more Battle Royals of your own right now is not advised, as all your opponents will have Lv.50 Pokémon, so wait until your own Pokémon are around that level first. However, you can challenge your friends to Battle Royals from now on. You can do this by going to the Festival Plaza, clicking on the red Battle button, choosing Link Battle, and then Battle Royal. 

Read more about Battle Royal.

Exiting the Battle Royal Dome, go east and then north to go on to Route 7.


Route 7

The path to the north to Route 8, is currently blocked off by a captain's barricade, which you can only pass after completing Kiawe's trial in Wela Volcano Park. For now you can explore the lower beach on the east.

Use Stoutland Search to find a hidden Net Ball just south of the Pokémon Breeder, and do some surfing and fishing to catch new Pokémon. Wild Staryu can hold Stardust. Remember to catch a Pyukumuku here and show its Pokédex entry to the former trial captain in the Heahea City apparel store. He will reward you with 10,000P.

When surfing on the water, you'll find Swimmer Dakota, who wants to battle you. Go north of the larger rocks to explore the central beach. You'll immediatelly find a Zygarde Cell at the southeast edge of the beach. Continuing northwest, you will find an area with a lot of Pokémon Dens. There you can find Alolan Diglett (Lv.16-19) in the dust clouds.

Occasionally these Diglett may drop Soft Sand (boosts the power of Ground-type moves) or Big Roots (increases the HP stolen by HP-draining moves) upon being defeated. Exploring the rocky area north of the Diglett's dens, you can find a Max Repel. North of the beach, in the water, is another Trainer, Swimmer Tiare. Continuing south in the water, you'll find another Swimmer to battle, Swimmer Casey.

In the water east of Swimmer Casey you can pick up an Antidote. Surfing a little further south you will come to an island where you can battle another Trainer, Swimmer Vanessa.

On Vanessa's island, you can find TM73 (Thunder Wave). When you're done exploring, go back west to the start of the route and enter Wela Volcano Park on the west to start your third trial!



Pokémon (Surfing)

Pokémon (Fishing)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)




To Come Back For Later

• Once you've become the strongest Trainer in Alola, talk to the cashier on the far left in the Thrifty Megamart  

• Return and master Battle Royals 


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