Ten Carat Hill

Ten Carat Hill has more items and Pokémon to offer, so be sure you have enough Potions and Poké Balls with you. Also, be aware that Ten Carat Hill is mostly a cave, so you may want to stock up on a few Repels.

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Bulldozing Through to Ten Carat Hill

Inside Ten Carat Hill, you will meet a number of wild Pokémon. Note that Sableye only appears when Carbink calls for it. Weaken Carbink as much as possible for it to call for help. Wild Carbink may also hold an Everstone (stone that stops Pokémon from evolving).

Immediately on the right from the entrance, you'll find an X Attack. Follow the path to the southwest, charge through the rocks, and take the sidepath for a Super Potion. Keep walking west to get an Ultra Ball at the end of the path. Jump off the ledge and continue west to find your path blocked by a large rock. Come back to this when you have something to move large rocks with. For now, continue north and you'll end up in Farthest Hollow.



Pokémon (Cave)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)

Pokémon (Surfing)



Farthest Hollow

Walk straight forward and on the left, you can pick up a Hard Stone (boosts Rock-type moves when held). Further north, you can pick up a Nugget. Go to the east for a Burn Heal (used to heal your Pokémon if it's burned), then go through the grass patch on the southeast side, up the hill, and follow the path all the way to the end for TM62 (Acrobatics). Now retrace your steps and go through the grass patch on the southwest side of the area for a Great Ball.

The patches of grass here contain some new Pokémon. Don't forget to catch a Rockruff for the man asking for one on Route 3!


Keep this place in mind after you've finished the story if you want to complete your Pokédex and acquire one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game.



Pokémon (Grass)



More Backtracking

When you're done exploring, exit Ten Carat Hill and follow Route 1 north until you end up on Route 3 again. If you've caught a Rockruff, talk to the man nearby to receive 3,000P for having it registered in your Pokédex. Look behind him and charge past the rocks to find the slightly hidden TM83 (Infestation).

Now go back to Seaward Cave in Melemele Meadow, across the bridge and then west. In the cave, walk to the east side, jump off the ledge and charge through the rocks to get an Expert Belt (boosts the power of super effective moves when held). Exit Seaward Cave and Melemele Meadow again and keep following Route 3 to the south, to end up back on Route 2. Walk to the north of Verdant Cavern to go into the Totem's Den and charge through the rocks on the right to get TM46 (Thief). You can also find an Energy Root by charging into the rock on the land jutting out over the edge.

Follow Route 2 to the south, past the motel, and charge through the rocks to the west. Pick up the Star Piece. A chance encounter with a grieving widow carried by her very loud Machamp at the Hau'oli Cemetery rewards you with TM56 (Fling).





Picking Up the Pace (and Some Trash)

Keep following Route 2 south to end up back in Hau'oli City. Stop by the newly opened mall in the shopping district to the east, and interact with the Alolan Grimer at the back of the center (only at night). A janitor will appear and scold you for dirtying up the floor. You're tasked with finding pieces of trash around the mall and feeding them to the Grimer. Doing so rewards you with TM48 (Round).

Next, visit the Alola Ride Show in the northwest and watch the whole show to receive five Great Balls.

You can also visit the mall's Battle Restaurant for an "all-you-can-battle" buffet with an assorted bunch of trainers. You have a maximum of ten turns to win as many battles as you can.

Now head outside. Before meeting up with Kukui at the Marina, you can visit Captain Ilima at his house to have another battle with him. Talk to him in his room on the second floor and he'll take you to the Trainer's School to battle.


Captain Illima

After defeating him, you'll get the message "The way Ilima looked in battle lingers in your mind...". This means you will be able to unlock a certain battle style (the way you throw a Poké Ball in battle) later on in the game. Ilima will take you back to his room and hand you an Everstone.

Now head to the Marina to meet Kukui, Hau, and Lillie again. They're waiting on you together with a rickety old sailboat (or as Kukui says: a 'classic' and 'well seasoned' sailboat). Kukui offers to take you with him to Akala Island. Once you are ready, agree to go with him to continue your adventure!





To Come Back For Later

• Area in Ten Carat Hill blocked off by a large boulder. Come back when you have something that can move boulders 

• Return via Melemele Sea once you have something that can swim and smash rocks 

• Return to Farthest Hollow after becoming a Champion to find a special Pokémon  




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