Trainer's School

Walk back to your house and go west to find Lillie, who shows you the Pokémon Center.

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Pokémon Center

Heal your Pokémon at the counter straight ahead if needed. If you're out of Poké Balls or Potions, you can buy new ones at the Poké Mart on the right. At the Café on the left you can buy drinks. Buying a drink there will reward you with a specialty (like a Lava Cookie or a Casteliacone) and Poké Beans, once a day. You can feed Poké Beans to your Pokémon in Pokémon Refresh.

Exit the Pokémon Center and continue west to find Lillie again, and an angry Tauros up ahead. Luckily you aren't planning to go further than the Trainer's School yet, so enter the building.

Trainer's School

Kukui somehow managed to get there before you and says that you need to find and defeat four Trainers at the school. He also hands you an Exp. Share (shares the points that you gain by battling Pokémon with your entire party, even if they weren’t directly involved in the battle). This will prove to be incredibly useful if you want to train multiple Pokémon at once. Don’t worry about activating this item, as it will work for you automatically. You’ll be notified at the end of each battle that your party has gained experience points using Exp. Share.

Walk straight to the east and press Ⓐ north of the little rail to find a hidden Poké Ball. Now go north to the east side of the building to find a Potion, next to a palm tree. When you are ready to battle, walk along the right side of the building to find the first Trainer: Youth Athlete Hiromi.

Walk back to the front of the building and now go west. Ignore the Trainer on the sports ground, you can't battle him yet. Pick up the two items here: a Potion which is hidden by a palm tree at the far east of the battlefields, and a Great Ball (has a higher chance of catching a Pokémon than a Poké Ball) that can be retrieved by pressing Ⓐ at the dot at the center of the leftmost battlefield. Now walk along the left side of the building and enter the fence on the left to find the next Trainer: Youngster Joey.

You can find new Pokémon in the grass in this area. Go south through the grass to pick up an Antidote, and even further south for a Paralyze Heal.

Walk back and enter the school through the door on the left side of the building. Through the first door on your path you will find a classroom where the students will tell you about Pokémon battling. Walk ahead and speak to the teacher who will give you a Quick Claw. If you give the Quick Claw to a Pokémon, it increases the likelihood of it moving first in battles. Keep walking to find the third Trainer, Preschooler Mia, next to the stairs.

Now exit the building and go back to the Trainer you ignored on the sports ground, Rising Star Joseph. Please note, you can only battle him after defeating the other three Trainers at the school first. After defeating him, he will reward you with TM01 (Work Up), and you will be called to the School Office on the second floor.







Second Floor

Walk back inside through the front entrance and go up the stairs. Before talking to the teacher in front of the next stairs, walk east and go through the second door to receive a Potion from one of the students. You can also visit the classroom through the first door to learn more about Pokémon battling. Now walk back to the teacher, who congratulates you on defeating the students. Teacher Emily now wants to battle you herself.

After defeating her, she will reward you with 5 Great Balls. You are then greeted by Kukui and Captain Ilima. Ilima reveals he's a trial captain and says he's looking forward to you taking on his trial in Verdant Cavern. You are taken back outside, where everyone wishes you good luck with the Island Challenge. Lillie offers to show you more of the town. You go with her.






To Come Back For Later

• After becoming a Champion, return to the Trainer's School and head up to 3F  


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