Ula'ula Grand Trial

The Ula'Ula Island Grand Trial is imminent. The Island Kahuna uses Dark-type Pokémon so you'll want to prepare for the upcoming fight. There's a couple of hurdles before the Trial starts proper, though.

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Problems at Aether House

When you arrive back at Aether House, the children are thankful that Yungoos has been returned. However, Hau informs you that while you were away, Team Skull kidnapped Lillie and Nebby! Gladion then suddenly appears and is incredibly angry to discover that Lillie had Cosmog this entire time. It’s time for a battle!

Team Skull Gladion

After you have defeated him, Gladion apologizes for his anger and asks you to go with him to find Lillie and Cosmog. When you’re ready, accept his offer and he’ll take you to the Ferry Terminal in Malie City. If you agree to go with Gladion, Nanu will appear at the Ferry Terminal and reveal that he is the Kahuna of Ula’ula Island (no surprise there). Accept his challenge and begin the Ula’ula Grand Trial!


Ula’ula Grand Trial

As mentioned, Nanu uses Dark-type Pokémon. As such, Fairy-type Pokémon will be effective to battle his Sableye and Flying-type is recommended to counter his Krokorok. His Alolan Persian is also weak to Fairy-types, as well as Fighting- and Bug-types.

Island Kahuna Nanu

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After you have defeated Nanu, he restores your Pokémon and hands you Darkinium Z. You will also receive the Ula'ula Trial Completion Stamp on your Trainer Passport which ensures that Pokémon up to Level 65 obey you.

As Nanu departs, Hau appears. He’s ready to help you locate Lillie and Nebby. Gladion recommends that you start your search on Aether Paradise Island. However, there are a few things to do before you can rush off to rescue Lillie.





Revisiting Malie City

On your return to Malie City, on your to-do list are the following:

From here, you could head directly to Haina Desert and the Ruins of Abundance to collect even more useful items. But a quick pitstop at Melemele Island will do wonders for your upcoming travels, as will be made evident below.


Revisiting Melemele Island

Now that you’ve defeated Kahuna Nanu, you can also backtrack to Melemele Island to collect special Plates. Plates boost the power of certain types of moves and must be sniffed out using Stoutland. Let’s head back to Melemele Island now to collect them all!



The rest of the Plates can be purchased in a store in Hau’oli Shopping District. Head to the store next to the Pokémon Center and go all the way to the back of the building, to the right. The shop you are standing in front of should be brown. Talk to the male shop clerk to purchase the remaining Plates.





To Come Back For Later

• After becoming a Champion, return to Aether House to receive a Pokémon and a cool item  


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