Verdant Cavern

Before entering Verdant Cavern, Captain Ilima greets you at the entrance, stating that once you enter the trial site you cannot leave until the trial is complete. If you leave, you’ll have to restart the trial. Once you are prepared for the trial, enter the cave.

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Ilima's trial

Upon entering the cave, Ilima explains that you have to defeat 3 Pokémon hiding in dens around the cavern before defeating the Totem Pokémon (a special Pokémon that is stronger than usual and acts as a final boss for each trial). If you have Pokémon Sun, the three Pokémon will be of the Yungoos variant (Lv. 11). Since these are Normal-types, they are weak against Fighting-type moves. In Pokémon Moon you'll encounter three Alolan Rattata (Lv. 11). These are Dark and Normal-types, and very susceptible to Fighting-type moves.

You are then free to explore the cavern. The first Pokémon of the three is located on the right. To battle it, walk up to the den and Press Ⓐ to inspect it. The cavern also has a number of items that are worth picking up. Immediately on the right is a Super Potion. Follow the path to the north and press Ⓐ when standing in front of the mossy rock to get a Revive. While following the path you will be attacked by one of the Pokémon you need to find.

Follow the road upwards and then go south to find TM31 (Brick Break). Walk back north and cross the planks going to the right. You will notice something (seemingly a Pokémon) coming out from a hole, then back in. Pass through the hole on the right, grab the Super Potion, and jump off the ledge to inspect the hole. However, the Pokémon now appears from the hole above it and back in. To reach that hole, walk back south and then up the hill on the left. Check out the hole, and you’ve guessed it: it has moved again.

Follow the path to the left to inspect the den. Jump off the ledge and pick up the X Defense next to the hole, before checking it out. The Pokémon is now back at the first hole it appeared from. While on your way back to the first hole (go south down the ledge and cross the planks again), the two Team Skull Grunts from earlier will appear, and one will challenge you to a battle. Upon defeating him, the two grunts will help you out by guarding the holes you inspected earlier, thus forcing the Pokémon to show itself when you inspect the first one again.

Upon defeating this Pokémon, a message stating that you have defeated all three necessary Pokémon in the cavern will appear. Walk up the hill on the left again, where the Trial Guide previously blocking the entrance to the Totem’s Den, now lets you in.






The Totem's Den

You will find yourself in an open-air area with a pedestal at the far end. On the right near the entrance a path is blocked off by big rocks. Keep this in mind for when you receive something to clear these. Upon interacting with the pedestal at the end, the Totem Pokémon will appear and challenge you to a battle:

Totem Gumshoos/Totem Alolan Raticate is surrounded by an aura that raises its Defense stat. The battle with the Totem Pokémon is an SOS Battle, meaning that it can call allies. The following ally will be called in battle:

Note that Totem Gumshoos has a high Attack stat which means it will hit hard. It also has the move Super Fang which always deals damage equal to 50% of the target’s current HP, which can be quite deadly even against Pokémon that resist Normal-type attacks.

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After the Totem Pokémon and its ally (if there is still one active) are defeated, Ilima will come over and congratulate you on completing his trial. You will then receive Normalium Z as a reward, which is a Z-Crystal that unleashes the Z-Power for Normal-type moves, and 10 Great Balls. Ilima also heals your Pokémon and tells you to find him on Route 3.

You can now go back into Verdant Cavern to catch some wild Pokémon. Defeating Pokémon in rustling spots can reward you with Oran Berries or Sitrus Berries. When you are done, you may exit the cavern and continue your adventure.



Pokémon (Cave)

Pokémon (Dirt Cloud)



To come back for later

• The path blocked off by rocks on the right in the Totem's Den. Come back when you have something to break rocks with 


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