Wela Volcano Park

Pass through Wela Volcano Park to start your third trial: Kiawe's trial!

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Wela Volcano Park

Enter the Wela Volcano Park, and you immediately encounter some tall grass, where you can find a selection of Pokémon. Walk up the first ramp and you will find a Hyper Potion lying in a clear patch surrounded by grass. When you walk up the next ramp, you can battle Sightseer Mariah.

Advancing a little further, you encounter a girl next to a cave. She says that she's the cutest of the Seismic Sisters and that the cave next to her leads to the top of the volcano. Exiting the cave, you find yourself outside of Kiawe's Trial location. The woman at the entrance will heal your Pokémon and recommends having Pokémon with Water, Ground, or Rock-type moves.



Pokémon (Grass)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)




Kiawe's Trial

Entering the Totem's Den, you see Kiawe standing by some flaming torches at the top of the volcano. You walk over to him, and start your trial.


Please Note: Kiawe will not automatically start your trial, he will ask you if you are ready to begin. However, once you begin his trial, you must complete it in order to receive your reward.


To begin Kiawe's Trial, you will observe two dances by Alolan Marowak and will be asked to identify the difference. Having completed this task (it's the middle one), the Alolan Marowak you identified will battle you.


Alolan Marowak


After defeating the Marowak, you will observe a second set of two dances and will be asked to identify the difference. Hiker David appears and photobombs the second dance. He will then challenge you to a battle.


Hiker David


After defeating David, you will observe one final set of two dances. A Salazzle appears, and it's of the Totem variety. Whatever answer you give, the Totem Salazzle will now battle you.


Totem Salazzle

Totem Salazzle's aura raises its Special Defense. It can call the following ally:

Check out the Boss Strategy for Totem Salazzle


Having defeated the Totem Salazzle, Kiawe gives you the Firium Z and teaches you the poses for Inferno Overdrive. Kiawe then gives you 10 Quick Balls and registers Charizard in your Ride Pager, allowing you to return to any location you had previously visited instantly.

Kiawe tells you to show your newly earned Firium Z to the Trial Guide on Route 7 to get past the Captain's barrier and onto Route 8.





Exploring the Rest of the Park

As you make your descent from the top of the Volcano, you should jump down the series of ledges to the west instead of walking back through the cave. If you do so, you will find several interesting items along your way.

First, a few steps down you will find a Zygarde Cell. The step below that, you will find some Charcoal. The step below that, you will find another cave entrance with one of the Seismic Sisters (the prettiest) next to it. She will tell you that the cave entrance leads to the right side of the volcano. Going through the cave, you will find the third Seismic Sister (the most charming), who will tell you that the cave entrance by her leads back to the left side of the volcano. A bit further on, you can battle Ace Trainer Jim.

Before you jump down to the next ledge, walk down the ramp and walk north to find a photo spot. Here you can take pictures of Salandit and Cubone. Additionally, here you can pick up TM39 (Rock Tomb). Walking south, you can talk to Hiker Calhoun and battle him. Continuing down the ledges, you find a Burn Heal on the second to last ledge to where you had encountered the first of the Seismic Sisters (the cutest).

From there, head back out of Wela Volcano Park and head towards the Trial Guide to the north, to unlock your path to Route 8.






Stopover at Poké Pelago

With Charizard Glide, you can now fly to Poké Pelago. There you will meet Mohn, who is in charge of Poké Pelago. Your PC boxed Pokémon can come to these islands to have fun. At the moment, there is only one island, however more will become available in the future. Read more about Poké Pelago.


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