Altar of the Sunne / Altar of the Moone & Ultra Space

Legends state that two mystical flutes must be played here to summon Alola’s Legendary Pokémon.

NB! If you’re playing Pokémon Sun, you’ll visit the Altar of the Sunne and summon Solgaleo.

NB! If you’re playing Pokémon Moon, you’ll visit the Altar of the Moone and summon Lunala.

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Summoning Alola’s Legendary Pokémon

Walk past the pedestal to reconvene with Lillie and Hapu at the foot of a long flight of stairs. You will find that the Altar of the Sunne / Altar of the Moone is at the top of the stairs. Lillie will heal your Pokémon and then it’s time for you to head to the top of the stairs. You will have to play your flute in time with Lillie in order to summon Alola’s Legendary Pokémon.

After you have played the flute, the altar will activate and Nebby will fly towards the energy that is emitted from the altar, evolving into the Legendary Pokémon in the process! Who knew that you were travelling with the Legendary Pokémon for most of your Island Challenge?

Nebby has now evolved into either Solgaleo (Pokémon Sun) or Lunala (Pokémon Moon). The Legendary Pokémon creates a portal to another dimension and takes you and Lillie with it.

What lies in Ultra Space?

This strange place is beautiful but it seems unlikely that Lusamine would be here. However, head north and you’ll find Guzma who informs you that President Lusamine in fact is somewhere up ahead.

Walk with Lillie to speak to her mother and you'll discover that the President has some pretty crazy ideas. Before you know it, the conversation turns into a battle. You have to stop President Lusamine and now is your last chance!

President Lusamine’s Pokémon are pretty strong and don’t appear to share the same weaknesses, so it’s important that you have a balanced team if you want to defeat her. Each of her five Pokémon has a unique aura that raises one of its stats.

Clefable is weak to Poison and Steel-type Pokémon and Lilligant is also vulnerable to Poison-type moves; Mismagius is weak to Ghost and Dark-types; Milotic can be easily beaten by Grass and Electric-type moves and Bewear is particularly weak to Fighting and Flying-types. 

Aether President Lusamine

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Altar of the Sunne / Altar of the Moone Revisited

Once you have defeated President Lusamine, she falls to the floor exhausted from the battle. The Legendary Pokémon will promptly transport everyone back to the safety of Alola.

Lillie checks that her mother is not seriously injured and then concludes that the Legendary Pokémon would like to continue its journey with you now. If you're not planning on completing any of the post-game activities, now is the time to put that Master Ball that you have in your inventory to good use! However, if you plan on exploring the rest of Alola after becoming a Champion, save your Master Ball for now and use an Ultra Ball instead.

Kahuna Nanu arrives after your battle with the Legendary Pokémon. It's now time for you to complete your Island Challenge! Head over to Mount Lanakila with Nanu.






To Come Back For Later

• Return after becoming a Champion to discover a strange distortion  



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