Ancient Poni Path, Poni Breaker Coast & Ruins of Hope

Ancient Poni Path is practically at the heart of Poni Island, connecting Poni Wilds to the Poni Breaker Coast and the Vast Poni Canyon. You'll also find the mystical Ruins of Hope here.

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Wandering along Ancient Poni Path

Almost as soon as you arrive on Ancient Poni Path, you’ll bump into your friend, Hapu. She informs you that Poni Island does not have a Kahuna, which is very strange indeed. She then invites you to meet her at the Ruins of Hope later on. As Hapu leaves, her grandmother registers Machamp in your Ride Pager. Apparently, you’ll need Machamp in order to navigate the ruins.


Good to know: Machamp is a really useful new Ride Pokémon. This Pokémon will be able to push large boulders out of the way, using Machamp Shove.


Firstly, let’s head into Hapu’s House. Turn right and walk right to the end of the corridor to pick up a Zygarde Core, through the door. Sleep in the bed here and the Meowth will give you an Awakening.

If you would like to heal your Pokémon, walk over to the west side of the house and interact with the Miltank. Exit the house through the front door. Now walk around the side of the house to pick up a Zygarde Cell next to the well. Press Ⓐ on the north side of the tree behind Hapu's house to find a hidden Revival Herb.

Follow the main path and retrieve the Zygarde Cell located on the other side of the wall, opposite the Machamp. On the right, you’ll also notice another wall and a long patch of grass. Walk through the grass to pick up an Adrenaline Orb.

Follow the main path again, past the entrance to Poni Breaker Coast to battle Collector Raymond. The path beyond Raymond is called Poni Grove but you won’t be able to access that area until you’re a Champion. However, you can find a hidden PP Up here by pressing Ⓐ near the easternmost tree.

Walk back to the crossroads and begin walking along the road heading north. At the end of this path is the entrance to Vast Poni Canyon. Head into the alcove on the west side of the entrance to retrieve a Shiny Stone. There is also a Zygarde Cell on the opposite side.

There’s not much more to do here at the moment so let’s head back down and along the path to Poni Breaker Coast.



Pokémon (Grass)




A brief trip to Poni Breaker Coast

Once in the Poni Breaker Coast area, turn right to battle Sightseer Jamie. Just beyond Jamie is a fishing spot. Continue walking in this direction, through the patch of grass. You’ll find yourself back on Ancient Poni Path, where you can pick up TM79 (Frost Breath).

Retrace your steps and walk towards the large pool of water and pick up the Zygarde Cell located near the rock. Walk down to the beach from here and you’ll find another fishing spot. Follow the rocks on your right and walk around the pool of water to pick up some Calcium. Head back around the pool and continue walking in the same direction as before. Here, you’ll find another Zygarde Cell, as well as the entrance to the Ruins of Hope.  



Pokémon (Chase)

Pokémon (Fishing)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)




Exploring the Ruins of Hope

Follow the path round and pick up the Zygarde Cell at the bottom of the slope, before talking to Lillie. It’s about time that you put that Machamp to good use!

You’ll encounter a simple puzzle here, involving some large blocks. Call Machamp with the Ride Pager and hold Ⓑ to push the blocks out of the way. Firstly, push the southwest block as far as you can north. You should now be able to reach the block in the middle of the paths. Push this block to the east then walk back around to push it north, into the available hole.


Top Tip: If you make a mistake while trying to move the blocks, simply exit the ruins and then re-enter to start afresh.


Following the cutscenes, you’ll learn that you need to make a quick detour to Exeggutor Island. You find Hapu in the ruins, who happens to have just received Tapu Fini’s blessing to become the Kahuna of Poni Island! Don’t worry though, you won’t have to battle her just yet.

Hapu hints that the counterpart to the Moon / Sun Flute that Gladion entrusted Lillie with can be found on Exeggutor Island. However, before you go there, you should revisit a few areas and retrieve some items and unblock some areas using Machamp Shove.


Backtracking to Ten Carat Hill

Use Charizard Glide to quickly get to Ten Carat Hill and enter the cavern. Head to the end of the path until you reach a large cube-shaped boulder. Use Machamp Shove to move the boulder out of the way and continue walking until you reach the cliff overlooking the hollow. Here you can pick up Flyinium Z.





Returning to Lush Jungle

Travel to the eastern part of Lush Jungle and enter the cave. Walk to the southeast end of the cave and use Machamp Shove to move the cube-shaped boulder. Here you will find an Awakening.

Now head over to the boulder in the southeast corner of the cave and move it to uncover a Rare Candy.





Back in Diglett's Tunnel

Make your way back to Diglett’s Tunnel and follow the path until you reach the place where you previously battled Worker Jeff. Slightly west of Jeff, you’ll notice a large boulder. Use Machamp Shove to push the boulder out of the way and reveal a sweet shortcut to Konikoni City.

On the hill south of the Trainer Tips sign, you can pick up a hidden Big Pearl and next to the lighthouse in the northeast, you will find TM61 (Will-O-Wisp).





Revisiting the Ruins of Life

Remember the ruins that you saw back when you defeated Olivia in her Grand Trial back on Akala Island? Well, that’s where you’re going right now. Travel to Memorial Hill and continue walking to reach the ruins.

Once inside, call Machamp and walk along the path on the east side. Push the east-most boulder north into the hole before walking across it and pushing the boulder on the left into the other hole. Now walk across that boulder and push the next one as far north as you can, until it drops into the hole in the floor. You should now be able to enter the next room. Later on, you will be able to summon Tapu Lele, by simply touching the Tapu Statue. 


You are now ready to head over to Exeggutor Island. Travel to Seafolk Village and talk to the village Chief near the dock. Jump aboard the S.S. Magikarp to sail over to Exeggutor Island!


To come back for later

• Return to Ancient Poni Path after visiting Exeggutor Island 

• Return to Ancient Poni Path after becoming a Champion for another battle with Dexio 

• Return to the Ruins of Life after becoming a Champion to summon and battle Tapu Lele 

• Return to Poni Breaker Coast after becoming a Champion to receive some awesome TMs 

• Return to the Ruins of Hope after becoming a Champion to summon and battle Tapu Fini 


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