Catching Alola's Guardian Deities

There are four guardian deities that oversee Alola’s islands and now that you’re a champion, you’re able to battle them. Each of the guardian deities can be found in the Ruins on each of the islands.

Be sure to save your game before battling each deity though, just in case you are unsuccessful in catching them.

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Tapu Koko

Location: Ruins of Conflict, Melemele Island

You should have already battled and caught Tapu Koko at the end of the game, after defeating the Pokémon League. However, if you caused the deity to faint and weren't able to catch it, head there now and try again.

Tapu Koko has an Ability called Electric Surge. This Ability creates a Terrain ConditionElectric Terrain, as soon as Tapu Koko enters a battle. This Pokémon will also use Agility to raise its Speed stat.

This guardian deity uses Electro Ball, Discharge and Nature's Madness, so you'll want to pick a Pokémon that can withstand these types of moves. It's weak to Ground and Poison-type Pokémon, but try to select attacks that aren't super effective as this may cause Tapu Koko to faint.

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Tapu Lele

Location: Ruins of Life, Akala Island

You may have already visited the Ruins of Life earlier on in the game. In this case, you will have already solved the puzzle before entering the Ruins and can therefore skip the next paragraph in this walkthrough.

Once inside, call Machamp from your Ride Pager and walk along the path on the east side. Hold Ⓑ to push the east-most boulder north into the hole before walking across it and pushing the boulder on the left into the other hole. Now walk across that boulder and push the next one as far north as you can, until it drops into the hole in the floor. You should now be able to enter the next room. Later on, you will be able to summon Tapu Lele, by simply touching the Tapu Statue. 

Tapu Lele is a Psychic & Fairy-Type that can draw energy from the scent of flowers. Much like Tapu Koko, this guardian deity uses its Ability to create a Terrain Condition as soon as it enters a battle. In this case, it uses a Psychic Terrain via the Psychic Surge Ability.

Psychic Surge is dangerous for a number of reasons, including the fact that it boosts the power of Psychic-type moves which in turn, makes Tapu Lele's Extrasensory move incredibly strong. It will also use Flatter, Nature's Madness and Moonblast in its attempts to defeat you. 

Refrain from using Dark-types against Tapu Lele as some of its moves directly counter them. Instead, opt for Poison, Steel or Ghost Pokémon but again, don't choose attacks that are super effective as you only want to weaken Tapu Lele in order to catch it.

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Tapu Bulu

Location: Ruins of Abundance, Ula'ula Island

Head to the Ruins of Abundance in the Haina Desert. Upon entering the Ruins, you'll notice a selection of large blocks that, much like with the other Ruins, you'll have to move out of the way. 

Call Machamp from your Ride Pager and walk ahead, staying on the right-hand side of the path. Hold Ⓑ to push the block on the right path along until the section that links the two paths together is clear. Cross over to the path on the left and push the block in front of you forward until it won't move any further. You are now free to enter the next room and battle Tapu Bulu.  

Tapu Bulu has a reputation for being a lazy Pokémon, but unfortunately you won't be seeing that side of it today. Similarly to the other two guardian deities that you've already caught, Tapu Bulu has an Ability that creates a specific Terrain Condition as it enters a battle: Grassy Surge Ability to achieve Grassy Terrain. It also uses Nature's Madness which will halve your Pokémons' HP. In addition, it uses Skull Bash and Zen Headbutt which will make fighting it quite tricky.

As Tapu Bulu is a Grass & Fairy-type Pokémon, you'll want to pick a type that counters it. This Pokémon is particularly weak to Poison-types however, using super effective moves against it may cause it to faint.


Tapu Fini

Location: Ruins of Hope, Poni Island

You may have already visited the Ruins of Life earlier on in the game. In this case, you will have already solved the puzzle before entering the Ruins and can therefore skip the next paragraph in this walkthrough.

Once again, call Machamp from your Ride Pager and hold Ⓑ to push the blocks out of the way. Firstly, push the southwest block as far as you can north. You should now be able to reach the block in the middle of the paths. Push this block to the east then walk back around to push it north, into the available hole.

Tapu Fini uses its Misty Surge Ability to create Terrain Condition Misty Terrain at the beginning of each of its battles. Once again, this deity uses Nature's Madness which will make battling it quite difficult. Moreover, it will use Muddy Water to reduce your Pokémon’s accuracy and Aqua Ring in an attempt to heal itself.

It’s advised that you don’t waste time bringing in a Dragon-type to fight this Water & Fairy-type as its immune to Dragon-type moves. The best way to tackle Tapu Fini is by waiting for Misty Terrain to wear off and then striking back with a status condition until which will chip away at its HP until it’s low enough to catch. 

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