Haina Desert

Haina Desert can be accessed from Route 13. It’s a strange place to go and very easy to get lost here but there are lots of cool items to find in the sand.

Haina Desert

Enter the Haina Desert from Route 13. Walk east, past the three stacked stones to pick up a Max Elixir. Now head north, past the two stacked stones and walk around the rocks while heading north. If you come here during the night, you can pick up some Safety Goggles from a Hiker that will be standing near the top exit or the first rocky terrain area. Tell him that the Pokémon’s eyes are “looking pretty bleary” to receive the gift.

Now head back to the big rock and take the path to the left of the rock. Continue walking and you will see some plants where you can pick up a Zygarde Cell. Follow the path round and you’ll enter a clearing with rocky terrain in the middle. Heading west loops you back to the east side of the same area and heading north takes you back to the area just before where the Safety Goggles can be found. For now, let’s head east and walk right to the end of the route to find Pyschium Z.

From here, head west and you’ll find yourself in a similar area to before, with another rocky terrain in the middle. At the centre of the rocky terrain is a Comet Shard. Head South of the rocky terrain and walk until you get to three rocks that basically create a wall at the end. Here you can find TM85 (Dream Eater). Walk north until you reach the Ruins of Abundance.

An easy way to remember how to navigate through the Haina Desert is to remember the pattern of the number of stacked stones that you see near the desert’s connecting parts. As the old man near the entrance to the desert states, this pattern is 2-1-4-3. Count the stacked stones as you walk through the desert and this pattern will lead you to the Ruins of Abundance. Reversing the pattern will also help you to exit the area.

Wild Pokémon in sand clouds may also drop the following items in this area, after you defeat them:

On the left of the entrance to the Ruins of Abundance, you can pick up another Zygarde Cell. There’s not much to do in the Ruins of Abundance until you have a Pokémon that can move large rocks, so for now, let’s head back to Route 13.



Pokémon (Deep Sand)

Pokémon (Sand Cloud)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)


Briefly Revisiting Route 13

Help the Trial Guide at the entrance to the desert by giving her a Fresh Water. She’ll show her gratitude by giving you three Adrenaline Orbs.

Now head back to the Ferry Terminal in Malie City to accept Gladion's offer to go to Aether Paradise.





To Come Back For Later

• Return after becoming a Champion to retrieve a Sun/Moon Stone  

• Return to the Ruins of Abundance after becoming a Champion to summon and battle Tapu Bulu 




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