Melemele Kahuna Hala

After your first trial with Ilima, it's already time for your first grand trial against Kahuna Hala! Learn here how to take him on.

Hala’s Pokémon

Hala uses the following Pokémon:


Its Anger Point Ability causes its Attack to be raised when Mankey is hit with a critical hit, making it hit harder with its physical attacks.

Mankey usually starts off with Focus Energy and then continues with Karate Chop, greatly increasing the chance they will critically hit, which increases the damage done and ignores all negative stat modifiers. It may also use Pursuit, especially against Ghost-type Pokémon who are immune to Karate Chop.


Due to its Thick Fat Ability, it takes 50% less damage from Ice- and Fire-type moves.

Makuhita usually starts off with Fake Out, since it can only use that move on its first turn, and then continues with either Sand Attack or Arm Thrust to reduce accuracy or deal damage respectively.


Crabrawler's Iron Fist Ability increases damage dealt from Punch moves (in this case, Power-Up Punch). With Fightinium Z, a single Power-Up Punch can turn into the Fighting-type Z-Move All-Out Pummeling that deals lots of damage. It can only use this Z-Move once in battle, though.

Next to attacking with Power-Up Punch, it may also weaken the opponent’s Defense against its attacks with Leer, or use Pursuit, especially against Ghost-type Pokémon who are immune to its Fighting-type attacks.


Viable Types For This Battle

Fairy is the best option here as it resists Fighting-type moves and Pursuit while also hitting super-effectively.

Bug is also nice as it resists Fighting-type moves and Pursuit as well, although it doesn't deal super-effective damage.

Flying resists Fighting and can hit back super-effectively while only receiving neutral damage from Pursuit.

Ghost is good as it is immune to Fighting- and Normal-type moves (like Makuhita’s Fake Out, which means Makuhita can’t damage it) but it needs to be careful of Pursuit.

Poison is only slightly less effective than Fighting (as it still resists but can’t hit back as hard) while Psychic is high-risk, high-gain and still not as good as Flying.


Physical or Special?

Crabrawler is the most defensive of the three Pokémon and is more vulnerable to special attacks. Makuhita is in the middle and has the same vulnerability while Mankey is the weakest, even though it receives more damage from physical attacks its Special Defense and HP are still less than Crabrawler’s. So special is the best option to go in the long run.


Viable Pokémon For This Battle

Butterfree is an extremely viable Pokémon as both of its types resist Fighting and it can use STAB Gust (or Confusion).

Cutiefly also has a nice type combination for this battle, with its Bug/Fairy typing.

Drifloon can completely counter Makuhita and is still useful against the other Pokémon (especially since it can switch to a well-predicted All-Out Pummeling and render it useless) but has to be careful of Pursuit. It also has the Aftermath Ability which damages a Pokémon that makes it faint; this can be useful if it is taken down by Dark-type moves.

When it comes to the three Starter Pokémon, Rowlet is the best as it is part Flying-type, though Popplio’s Disarming Voice move can also be very useful.


General Strategy

Try to avoid landing a critical hit on Mankey because of Anger Point; avoid moves like Focus Energy, items like Dire Hit, and moves with an increased critical hit ratio. You may also try to take it down in as few moves as possible (a super-effective move is the best choice). If you trigger its Ability nonetheless (you can't really help it) and you are unable to knock it out quickly enough, you may want to just try the battle over again. Mankey can go down easily so this might not even matter at all; don’t worry too much about it.

Makuhita will almost always prefer using Fake Out the first turn it is sent out, so be prepared for it. No need to send in the Pokémon you intend to take it down with, let something else be hit with Fake Out and switch later. If you use Drifloon, however, this is not going to be a problem at all.

Crabrawler is the most challenging Pokémon. You may want to attempt predicting when it will use All-Out Pummeling and switch in to a Pokémon that will either not get hurt too much or a dummy Pokémon whose purpose is to just take the Z-Move hit for the team. Be careful of switching out because of Pursuit, though. You should try to take it out quickly before it can get too many Attack boosts from Power-Up Punch.

Overall, if you just use the correct Pokémon this should be an easy battle.


Good luck with your first grand trial and enjoy the Fightinium Z!

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