Mount Lanakila

Mount Lanakila is the tallest peak in Alola. In order to reach the Pokémon League, you'll have to make it all the way to the top of the mountain.

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Before climbing the mountain

When you reach the base of the tall mountain, Gladion will be waiting to thank you for helping Lillie rescue their mother. He’s also interested in battling you.

Gladion has a Z-Ring and his Lucario is also holding a Z-Crystal so you’ll definitely want to defeat that Pokémon, before it has a chance to use its Z-Move. Gladion will battle you using four Pokémon however, his Silvally will be a different type, depending on which starter Pokémon you chose. Pick your counter-types accordingly.



If you chose Rowlet, Gladion will have:

If you chose Litten, Gladion will have:

If you chose Popplio, Gladion will have: 

Gladion's other Pokémon:

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After you have defeated him, Gladion will give you a Max Elixir. You can now take the lift up to Mount Lanakila's first rocky path, although it may be a good idea to heal your Pokémon first. Head over to the Pokémon Center in Tapu Village to do this.




Climbing Mount Lanakila

Make your way over to the large ice cave but be aware of the wild Pokémon lurking in the tall grass.

Enter the cave and turn right to pick up the Escape Rope. Just past the first patch of grass, in front of the rock to your left you will also find a Zygarde Cell. Once you’re inside the cave, turn left and walk to the end of the patch to retrieve TM13 (Ice Beam).

Head back to the main path and take the next right. Turn right once again and you’ll be able to pick up Icium Z. Now turn right once more, walk to the end of the path and drop down to the level below. Turn left to pick up a Full Restore and then walk north until you reach a large, snowy rock.


Top Tip: If you caught an Eevee back on Route 6, level it up near the snowy rock and it will evolve into an Ice-type Pokémon called Glaceon.


After exiting the icy cave, head to the west side and pick up the Max Revive near the southern end of grass. Take another lift up to the next level and head into the Pokémon Center. Heal your Pokémon and stock up on all the items that you'll need for the Pokémon League. You can also find a Zygarde Cell at the top of the ramp.

The lady in the Pokémon Center can remind your Pokémon of the moves they may have forgotten while they were growing. If you'd like to change your Pokémon's moves, now is the perfect time to speak to her. She'll need a heart scale every time you want to change a move.

When you are ready to leave, head north until you bump into Hau.



Pokémon (Mountainside, Southern field of grass)

Pokémon (Southern field SOS Battles)

Pokémon (Mountainside, Northern field of grass)

Pokémon (Northern field SOS Battles)

Pokémon (Cave)

Pokémon (Cave SOS Battles)



Another battle with Hau

Your friend Hau has Pokémon that are much stronger now and his starter Pokémon has evolved into its final form. It's time to show him how strong your party is. Once you have beaten him, you'll be able to continue to the Pokémon League.

If you chose Rowlet, Hau will have:

If you chose Litten, Hau will have:

If you chose Popplio, Hau will have: 

Hau's other Pokémon:


Hau will give you three Max Revives as a reward for defeating him. Head over to the ramp outside the Pokémon Center and walk to the top of it. Press Ⓐ in the corner, to the north to find a hidden PP Max.





A fleeting visit back to Melemele Island

Now that you've visited the Pokémon Center on Mount Lanakila you can return to this area quite easily via Charizard Glide. For now, head back to Route 2 in Melemele Island. Locate the motel and directly opposite you'll find Guzma's family home. Speak to Guzma's mother and she'll give you TM87 (Swagger).





Preparing for the Pokémon League

Kukui is waiting for you at the peak of Mount Lanakila. He recalls his efforts of becoming a Champion in the Kanto region and reminds you that you should be prepared before you head into the Pokémon League, as you won't be able to leave once you begin.


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