Po Town & Shady House

Po Town used to be a lovely place to visit but it has now fallen into the hands of Team Skull. Good luck passing through here without engaging in a few battles!

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Battling Through Po Town

Firstly, head over to the southeast corner of town to pick up a Max Repel. Now walk west to the hedges and crawl through to avoid the barricade. Two Team Skull Grunts will notice that you don’t belong here and will want to battle you. East of the grunts is a Pokémon Center, where you can heal your Pokémon before continuing further into Po Town.

Follow the main path and take a right to crawl through another small space. Another pair of Team Skull Grunts will challenge you to a battle (this time, a double battle) when you reach the other side. Behind the grunts, you can pick up a Rare Candy.

Now continue walking to battle the Team Skull Grunt on top of the truck. After defeating him, head towards the house on the right to pick up a Smoke Ball. Now head over to the left side and go through the fence to battle the last Team Skull Grunt.

Walk towards each of the trucks ahead to pick up a Zygarde Cell near each one. Finally, follow the main path into the building ahead, which is called Shady House.






Exploring Shady House

Your task is to reach Team Skull Boss Guzma. That may prove to be quite challenging as Shady House is teeming with Team Skull Grunts. You’ll need to comb each of the rooms to find passwords that you’ll need to use later on.

First head over to the Team Skull Grunt on your right and battle him. Now head up the stairs and battle the Team Skull Grunt waiting there. Walk down the corridor behind the Grunt and enter the first room on the left to pick up a Max Revive.

Now go into the second room and press Ⓐ to examine the piece of paper. Here you’ll find one of the passwords: “Beat Up”.

Head back to the main corridor and go through the door on the far left, which will take you outside. On the north side of the pool you’ll find an Ice Stone. Head back inside and walk through the door on the left-hand side of the stairway. Battle the Team Skull Grunt that you find here.

Walk across the room and through the door, then go into the next room. Here you’ll find another sheet of paper with “Tapu Cocoa” – and “A true Team Skull member always butts heads and answers with a hearty ‘No!’!” – written on it. You can also pick up a Heal Powder in this room.

Head to the top of the stairs and turn north, walking into the room at the end of the hallway to find TM36 (Sludge Bomb). Head into the room next door to battle another Team Skull Grunt.

After defeating this Grunt, the other Team Skull Grunt in the room will want to battle you, too. Head through the next door to battle yet another Team Skull Grunt. You will also find an Iron in this room and a piece of paper with “Golispod” written on it. Head out into the hallway again to fight a Team Skull Grunt.

Now speak to the Team Skull Grunt that is blocking the doorway ahead of you. Answer his questions, using the passwords that you found scattered around the mansion. Walk through the doorway to the Roof, where you’ll find and battle another Team Skull Grunt. There is also an Escape Rope for you to collect here. Head back inside and into the last room to fight Team Skull Boss Guzma.

Team Skull Boss Guzma


After defeating Guzma, examine the chest next to him to receive Buginium Z and sit on the throne for fun. After exiting Shady House, you’ll discover that the man that let you into Po Town is Acerola’s uncle, Nanu. Acerola thanks you for rescuing Yungoos and asks you to meet her back at Aether House.

You can now fly back to Tapu Village and head northwest to return to Aether House.



Villains (1F)

Villains (1F - North Room)

Villains (2F)

Villains (2F - West Room)

Villains (2F - South-West Room)

Villains (Roof)



To Come Back For Later

• Return to Po Town and visit the Pokémon Center to buy a cool item  



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