Poni Coast & Poni Gauntlet

Located northeast of Poni Plains, Poni Coast has a few of useful items that are worth picking up. Poni Gauntlet can only be accessed on foot via Poni Coast and is also the home to the Battle Tree.

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Poni Coast

As you enter the Poni Coast region, you’ll notice some rocks ahead of you. Break the rocks on the left and then break the rocks on the right using Tauros to clear the pathway ahead. To the left of the rocks is a photo spot where you can take photos of Bewear and Fearow. On the east side, just beyond the rock pile you can pick up a Zygarde Cell.

While in this area, breaking the rock is recommended as the following items can be found after smashing through them:

Continue walking until you reach a third pile of breakable rocks. Turn left here and walk along the narrow pathway to pick up another Zygarde Cell. Be on your guard as an ambush Pokémon will appear here.

Ambush Pokémon in this area may drop the following items:

Battle Honeymooners Noriko and Devin and then walk up the ramp behind them. At the northern point of the ledge, along the west cliff you can find a hidden Max Revive. Above the ledge northwest of the entrance to Poni Plains, you can pick up TM97 (Dark Pulse).

Hop down from the ledge and continue walking until you reach the northwest point of Poni Coast. Here you will find a Comet Shard. When you are ready, head towards Poni Gauntlet in the northwest.



Pokémon (Dirt Cloud)




Poni Gauntlet

Upon arriving at Poni Gauntlet, you’ll run into Captain Mina who is waiting near the entrance. She’s eager to battle you but will only do so once you’ve battled all the other Trainers in Poni Gauntlet. You’ll have to come back here and speak to her later.

Just beyond Mina, you can find and battle Scientist Kyle. After you have defeated Kyle, continue walking and cross the bridge. On the right-hand side, you will find a Zygarde Cell. Now battle Veteran Sheri.

Retrace your steps back over the bridge and walk through the tall grass to cross the other bridge. Follow the path around until you run into Backpacker Yuho, who would also like to battle you. You will find a Guard Spec located very close to Yuho as well as a fishing spot in the water here. On the west side of the bridge past Yuho you will also find another fishing spot.

When fishing, you may reel in the following items, instead of a Pokémon:

Continue walking straight ahead to battle Black Belt Tracy. You can also find a Misty Seed here. On the east side of Tracy, on the east end of the westernmost bridge, retrieve a hidden Max Elixir. Now walk through the tall grass and follow the path around to battle Punk Pair Marie and Troy. Walk right to the end of this path to pick up a Big Pearl.

Make your way past Tracy to pick up the Zygarde Cell on the bridge behind her. Cross the bridge to battle Veteran Duo Tsunekazu and Nobuko. You will now find yourself standing very close to the entrance to the Battle Tree. 

Read more about the Battle Tree.


When you are ready, head back to the entrance to Poni Gauntlet to battle Mina. After you have defeated her, she'll give you a Bottle Cap.



Pokémon (Grass)

Pokémon (Fishing)

Pokémon (Fishing SOS Battle)





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