Poni Grove & Poni Plains

Now that you're a Champion, you can explore parts of Poni Island that were initially inaccessible. Here you'll be battling more Trainers (shocker!), locating some useful items and making your way to the Battle Tree. The journey there is rather tricky but it's certainly worth it!

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Poni Grove

Your journey begins on Ancient Poni Path. Head to the entrance opposite the one to Poni Breaker Coast to access Poni Grove.

Follow the snaking path around until you reach Black Belt Roy. Battle Roy and after defeating him, continue to follow the path until you reach a cliff face. Pick up the Zygarde Cell that is located at the base of the cliff.

East of Roy, you will find a Max Potion. North of the southern entrance, between the north end of the grass and the western wall you can also pick up an X Sp. Atk. At the northwest tip of the third small section of grass (after the path turns southeast), press Ⓐ to find a hidden Max Ether

Continue walking through the tall grass until you meet and battle Ace Trainer Jackson. Just beyond Jackson is another Zygarde Cell. Turn the corner and you’ll find yourself in Poni Plains.



Pokémon (Grass)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)




Poni Plains

Upon entering Poni Plains, you’ll encounter Ace Trainer Cole however, you won’t be able to battle him until you’ve defeated all the other Trainers in this area.

Slightly north of the Poni Plains entrance, you can pick up a Zygarde Cell, by the palm tree. To the right of the palm tree, you’ll find a patch of tall grass. Press Ⓐ while standing in the grass to pick up a hidden PP Max. North and slightly east of this grass patch, you can pick up another Zygarde Cell next to a small bush.

Walk to the south-eastern most point, through the tall grass, to retrieve a Carbos. Battle Ace Trainer Angela while you are here. 

Now head as far as you can to the north-west and walk up the slope. You’ll find yourself standing in a rocky area. Follow the rocky path around and smash through the piles of rock with Tauros.

Sometimes, after smashing through rocks with Tauros, you may find the following items in the debris:

If you walk down the eastern ledge, you can pick up a Star Piece. We’ll get to the western ledge soon but for now, stick to this side. After retrieving the Star Piece, hop down onto the next ledge to pick up yet another Zygarde Cell. Hop down once more and walk through the tall grass to battle Hiker Ryan.

After defeating Hiker Ryan, walk northwest again to the rocky area, follow the path around and this time, hop down onto the western ledge to pick up TM24 (Thunderbolt). Staying close to the western side, hop down onto the next ledge and then down again to reach a berry pile. Expect a wild Pokémon to ambush you here, as usual. This pile can give you the following berries:

This area is teeming with Pokémon so it’s worth exploring fully to catch some good ones. Some of them drop great items too!


Defeated/captured Pokémon from rustling grass may drop:

Defeated/captured Pokémon from a flying shadow may drop:

Defeated/captured Pokémon from a rustling tree may drop:

Defeated/captured Pokémon from a rustling bush may drop:

When you are ready, head to the northeast and turn left into Poni Meadow. On the ledge east of the Poni Meadow entrance, you will find an X Defense and slightly further along, you can battle Veteran Leon.



Pokémon (Seven fields of grass in the middle)

Pokémon (Two fields of grass north & around central tree)

Pokémon (Three fields of grass by the mountains)

Pokémon (Three fields of grass on the coastline)

Pokémon (SOS Battles)

Pokémon (Rustling Grass)

Pokémon (Shadows, Flying)

Pokémon (Rustling Trees)

Pokémon (Rustling Bushes)

Pokémon (Berry Pile)





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