Return to Akala Island

It's time to return to Akala Island, where there is still plenty to do. Whether you're tracking down more Z-Crystals or are on the hunt for some rare post-game items, you won't be disappointed by what Akala has to offer. 

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Pick up a Protector

Glide over to Paniola Town and go to Kiawe's house, located to the left of the Pokémon Center. Enter the house and speak to the man sitting at the table - you're actually speaking to Kiawe's father. He'll ask you what your name is and congratulate you on becoming the first Alolan Champion. He'll then offer you a Protector as a gift and will give you some helpful advice: "give that there to a Rhydon to hold, and then trade it with a friend. You'll see what happens".


Good to know: If you give a Rhydon a Protector to hold during trading, it will evolve into Rhyperior. To acquire a Rhydon in Pokémon Sun/Moon you'll need to head to Blush Mountain and use Island Scan to catch a Rhyhorn. You'll then have to evolve it into a Rhydon. Alternatively, you can acquire one in a trade.





Collecting Special Stamps

You should have already collected six stamps in your Trainer Passport, but there are still more to collect! Five of the nine remaining special stamps can be retrieved from Game Director at the GAME FREAK Office in Heahea City:

Another meeting with a member of the Elite Four

Head to the Hano Grand Hotel and walk along the orange carpet until you bump into Kahili, near the front desk. Her father owns the Hano Grand Resort so it's no surprise that she's hanging around in the hotel. She will chat to you about whether you train everyday and will then kindly give you TM92 (Trick Room)





Battling All Eeveelutions

Make your way to Royal Avenue and walk to the Thrifty Megamart. Speak to the shop clerk waiting just inside the entrance and he'll give you a discount coupon to use in the store. Now head over and speak to the cashier manning the till on the other side of the store. The cashier tells you that they used to be a Trainer, too and went by the name Kagetora the Eevee User

Kagetora will ask whether you would be interested in battling other Trainers that all have Pokémon that have evolved from Eevee. If you beat all of the Trainers, he'll give you a prize. Speak to Kagetora to find out more information about each of the eight Trainers that you'll have to battle.

Vaporeon User Polly

Head to the Trainers School on Melemele Island and walk all the way up the stairs until you bump into the lady with white hair on the top floor. Speak to her and ask whether she is the Vaporeon User. After hearing that Kagetora sent you, Vaporeon User Polly will agree to battle you.


Flareon User Chad

Now make tracks to Heahea City on Akala Island and visit the Tide Song Hotel. Talk to the man standing next to the striped sofa at the back of the Lobby and ask him whether he is the Flareon User. Fortunately, Flareon User Chad is up for a battle straight away.


Jolteon User Jane

Fly to Malie City on Ula'ula Island and run left along the road until you reach a cobbled sideroad. Continue running straight ahead until you reach the Malie Community Center. Speak to the man sitting on the first sofa and he'll give you a Strange Souvenir.

Now walk over to the television on the right and speak to the lady sitting in front of it. She doesn't appear to remember her past or Kagetora very well but this is definitely Jolteon User Jane, so you'll have to battle her anyway. 


Espeon User Ishaan

Next stop, Blush Mountain on Ula'ula Island ! Head to the mountain now and enter the building at the top. Walk over to the television at the back of the room and speak to the man sitting in the front row. It's now time to battle Espeon User Ishaan


Umbreon User Braiden

Travel to Hau'oli Cemetery on Melemele Island, located just off Route 2. Walk to the top, left-hand corner of the Cemetery and speak to the man standing in front of the headstone. You'll soon learn that he's Umbreon User Braiden and luckily, he's very happy to battle you.


Glaceon User Rea

Fly to Iki Town on Melemele Island and visit the house on the far left. Enter the house and head over to the kitchen to speak to the lady in the green dress. She will reveal that she is Glaceon User Rea and will agree to battle you. 


Leafeon User Linnea

It's time for a trip to Hano Beach on Akala Island. Walk close to the water and follow the beach all the way around to the left until you reach a secluded bay. In the far corner, you should be able to see a lady standing under a large umbrella. After speaking to her, she'll reveal that she's Leafeon User Linnea and she's very happy to battle you. 


Sylveon User Kira

Travel to Seafolk Village on Poni Island and enter the boat on the bottom right of the area. Speak to the small girl standing near the back door and you'll discover that Sakura, the Sylveon User passed away a year ago. However, Sylveon now belongs to her granddaughter, Kira, who offers to battle you instead.   


Now that you've battled all eight Eevee Users, you can make your way back to Royal Avenue to speak to Kagetora in the Thifty Megamart. He''s quite surprised that you managed to beat all the Trainers and is now eager to battle you himself. Defeat Eevee User Kagetora to finally receive Eevium Z.






Catching Up with Colress

As you'll remember from before, Colress hangs around on Route 8, outside the Aether Foundation Building, so make your way there now. Speak to him and he'll ask whether you know of a Pokémon called Genesect. Answer him honestly and he'll give you a Douse Drive, Shock Drive, Burn Drive and Chill Drive.

Unfortunately, there is no way to obtain a Genesect in Pokémon Sun/Moon at the moment other than trading for one, but if you already caught one in a previous Pokémon game, simply place it in the Pokémon Bank and then transfer it over to your game. In the past, Genesect codes have been given out to players in stores to commemorate Pokémon milestones so hopefully they'll do that again sometime soon.





Visiting Mallow's Family Restaurant (Pokémon Moon only)

Head to Mallow's family restaurant in Konikoni City and go upstairs to find Mallow in her room. Ask her to battle you and she'll state that she wants to go to Lush Jungle to battle. She also leaves you a clue of where to find her, "come find me where the Wimpod is". Before leaving the restaurant, you'll speak to Mallow's older brother. He asks you to tell Mallow to bring his Wimpod home with her when she comes back later.

You can now travel to Lush Jungle to try to find Mallow. If you've forgotten how to get to Lush Jungle, simply glide to Route 8, follow the path to Route 5 and then walk through the covered walkway to Lush Jungle. As soon as you enter the jungle and interact with the Pokémon on the floor, Mallow will appear. 

Mallow explains that the Wimpod is out in Lush Jungle gathering ingredients for her family's restaurant before jumping straight in to battle you. After you have defeated her, she'll rush off back to the restaurant. 

Head back to the restaurant now and speak to the cook on the second floor to receive a Dragon Fang.






Mastering Battle Royals

The Battle Royal Dome can be found on Royal Avenue and if you're looking for a bigger battle than just 1v1, this is the best place to go.

You can participate in Battle Royals in the following ways:

In the Battle Royal Dome, four players can pick three Pokémon to make up their team. They will then battle in a free-for-all with the other three players until one player's entire team has fainted. When this occurs, the battle will immediately end at the end of that player's turn and the ranks are then decided using these conditions:

After each battle, you'll earn Battle Points (BP). These can be exchanged at the Battle Royal Dome or at the Battle Tree for some pretty awesome items. 

Read more about Battle Royal.



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