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You may have finished the main story, but Melemele Island is still teeming with lots of cool items and Pokémon! Return to where your journey first began to collect awesome stuff that is only available post-game.

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Catching Another Legendary Pokémon

After speaking to Looker, head to Ten Carat Hill and walk all the way to Farthest Hollow. Hang around in the tall grass for a while until the game’s music changes and you’ll soon meet Legendary Pokémon, Necrozma. To speed up this process, use Tauros to charge around in circles. 


Top Tip: Use Super Repels, just like you did when trying to find the Ultra Beasts. This will stop low-level Pokémon getting in your way when you're trying to locate Necrozma. However, if you intend to use a Super Repel, ensure that the Pokémon at the head of your party is below level 75, otherwise you will repel Necrozma too! 

Necrozma may look intimidating but battling it shouldn’t be too tricky. Despite being a level 75 Psychic-type, this Legendary Pokémon is not as strong as you might expect. Similar to Hyper Beam, its Prismatic Laser move requires time to recharge, leaving it vulnerable to your attacks.

In order to safely capture Necrozma, you’ll want to use Ghost or Dark-Type Pokémon as their attacks will be effective against the Legendary Pokémon and they can withstand its attacks. Be wary of this though, as you don’t want to use an attack that will completely defeat it. As always, inflicting status conditions is a great way to catch this Pokémon. 


Good to know: Beast Balls won't work on Necrozma as it's not an Ultra Beast, but the Master Ball will. Necrozma is the trickiest Pokémon to catch in Pokémon Sun/Moon so saving your Master Ball for this battle is highly recommended. If you already used your Master Ball on Solgaleo / Lunala, stock up on a large number of Ultra Balls instead.   


Locating an Electric Seed

Head over to Plank Bridge on Mahalo Trail. The bridge has now been repaired so walk across it and bear right at the end. Here you can find an Electric Seed next to the small bush.





Picking up a Dawn Stone

Travel to Hau'oli City and make your way down onto the Beachfront. As you walk down the ramp, you should see Guzma on the sand to your right. Speak to Guzma and he'll tell you that it's time for a battle. Defeat Guzma and he will give you his 'lucky charm', a Dawn Stone.






Revisiting the Pokémon Research Lab

Go to the Pokémon Research Lab (located southwest from your house, on the Beach, near Route 1) and speak to Professor Kukui. If you have fifty or more Pokémon registered in your Pokédex, he'll give you a Lucky Egg

If you've just received the Lucky Egg, exit the lab and then re-enter. Now speak to Kukui again and he'll give you TM90 (Substitute). If you're feeling particularly nosey, you can also take a sneak peak at Lillie's diary in her room, upstairs.





A Rock Fit for a King

Make your way to the Trainers School, located just along from Hau'oli Outskirts and Melemele Sea. Enter the building and walk all the way up to the third floor. In front of the green door, you'll meet and battle Black Belt Duane.

After you have defeated Duane, he'll move out of the way of the door so you can go inside. Speak to Principal Asuka and battle her, too. After you have defeated her, she'll give you one of her favourite items, a King's Rock.






Hyper Training

Hyper Training your Pokémon will enable you to maximise their IVs by putting them through intensive training. This is a brand-new feature that debuted in Pokémon Sun and Moon, so you’ll definitely want to check it out!

In order to begin Hyper Training, speak to Mr. Hyper in the Hau’oli City Shopping Mall. Rather than charging for his services using the P currency, this guy prefers to be paid in Bottle Caps. You’ll also need to ensure that your Pokémon has reached level 100 for it to be trained.

In exchange for a single Bottle Cap, Mr. Hyper will train one of your Pokémon and increase its IVs to 31 - the maximum value. If you give him a Gold Bottle Cap, he will boost all of your Pokémons’ IVs to 31.

Hyper Training your Pokémon will not affect the type of Hidden Power that it has. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the IVs that a Pokémon will pass on when breeding will be those that it had when it was originally generated.



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