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Learning new Battle Styles, assembling Zygarde and more - Ula'ula Island is bursting with post-game content. This is the most exciting island to revisit yet and it just keeps getting better!

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Mastering Battle Styles

Head to Outer Cape, located just outside Malie City. Speak to Gester (the guy in the red shirt). You should have already learnt a number of battle styles the last time that you visited Outer Cape including: Normal Style, Elegant Style, Girlish Style, Reverent Style and Left-Handed Style. If you meet the criteria, Gester can now teach you the following battle styles:


Purchasing a Skull Tanktop

Head to Po Town and take the first right to enter the Pokémon Center. Speak to each of the Team Skull Grunts in the Center. They will rap to you and then offer to sell you a Skull Tanktop for P10,000. Purchase the item. Now head to an Apparel Store and walk to the fitting room at the back of the store. Select 'change clothes' and then select the tanktop from the list.

Assembling Zygarde

While completing your Island Challenge, you would have spent a lot of time picking up Zygarde Cells and Cores. Now that you have collected all of them, you can finally assemble Zygarde. To get started, head to the Reassembly Unit on Route 16


10% Forme

You can assemble Zygarde in its 10% Forme once you have gathered 10% of its Cells. This Forme has half the HP of the 50% Forme but it has the best Speed stat of all three Formes. 


50% Forme

Zygarde in its 50% Forme has half of the Cells of the Complete Forme. However, in a battle, when a 50% Forme has the Power Construct ability it will transform into its Complete Forme when its HP is half or less. 


Complete Forme

If you have a Zygarde that has Power Construct ability, it will transform to its Complete Forme when its HP is half or less in a battle. In its Complete Forme, its HP is double that of its 50% Forme. 


Unified Zygarde

Once you have collected 100 Cells and Cores and have visited the Reassembly Unit to assemble Zygarde with the Power Construct Ability, you will have created the Unified Zygarde. You will be able to change this Zygarde's Forme by using your Zygarde Cube. In order to access the Cube, open your bag, select the 'Key Items Pocket', select 'Zygarde Cube' choose the Forme that you desire and then select 'Change Forme'.


Zygarde Cores 

Zygarde Cores contain moves that Zygarde can learn. To teach Zygarde a move found in a Core, open your bag, select 'Key Items Pocket', select 'Zygarde Cube', choose the move that you'd like your Zygarde to learn and then select 'Learn Move'. The following moves can be found in the Cores:

Read more about Zygarde Cell and Core Locations.

Returning to Aether House

Make your way to Aether House and head inside. Enter the room on the right and speak to the Aether Foundation Employee. They will offer you a Porygon as an apology and gesture of gratitude on behalf of the Aether Foundation. 

Now walk to the bedroom and speak to the female Aether Foundation Employee. She will give you an Up-Grade (evolves Porygon when traded).



Pokémon (Gift)


A Mystery Event in Haina Desert

Head to Haina Desert and follow the stone stacks in the order 2-1 to find the man in the red t-shirt. Unfortunately, the man cannot remember his own name but he mentions a Pokémon that he would like you to show him. A mysterious power then begins to emanate from the Pokémon.

After a flash of white light, the man suddenly remembers who he is and how he will travel home. He thanks the Pokémon and states that "those star pulses that you bestowed upon me 30 years ago have all been made safe". He states that he can go home now... back to space! To thank you, he'll give you a special item.

This event will differ slightly depending on which version of the game you are playing: 

If you're playing Pokémon Sun, you will need to carry a Solrock in your party to receive a Sun Stone.

If you're playing Pokémon Moon, you'll need to carry a Lunatone in your party to receive a Moon Stone

Solrock and Lunatone are not indigenous to Alola so you'll have transfer them into the game from your Pokémon Bank or trade with another player.





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