Totem Kommo-o

A guide on how to take on the last Totem Pokémon in the game: Totem Kommo-o!

Totem Kommo-o

Totem Kommo-o is a level 45 Dragon- and Fighting-type Pokémon with access to the following moves:

Clanging Scales is a Dragon-type move that deals damage but reduces the user’s Defense by one stage.

Sky Uppercut is a Fighting-type move that deals damage.

Flash Cannon is a Steel-type move that deals damage and has a chance to reduce the user’s Special Defense by one stage.

Protect has priority and protects the user from most attacks during the turn it is used. Z-Moves will still hit it that turn but will deal reduced damage.

Its Soundproof Ability makes Kommo-o immune to sound-based moves, like Bug Buzz and Disarming Voice.

Kommo-o's aura increases its Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed by one stage each. It also holds a Mental Herb, which prevents its stats from being reduced once, being consumed afterwards.



Totem Kommo-o can call two allies; a level 32 Hakamo-o and a level 32 Scizor.

Hakamo-o has the following moves:

Sky Uppercut has been explained above.

Autonomize increases the user’s Speed by two stages and makes them weigh less. This matters for the power of some moves.

Work Up increases the user’s Attack and Special Attack by one stage each.

Bide is a Normal-type move that takes three turns; the user endures attacks for the first two turns, then attacks on the last turn with double the damage it took in the first two turns.

Its Bulletproof Ability makes Hakamo-o immune to ball/bomb/cannon/blast moves (e.g. Electro Ball and Rock Blast)


Scizor has the following moves:

Metal Claw is a Steel-type move that deals damage and may increase the user’s Attack by one stage.

Pursuit is a Dark-type move that deals damage. If the target were to switch out this turn, it will hit it before it switches out for double the damage (twice the normal base power).

Leer reduces the opponent’s Defense by one stage.

Fury Cutter is a Bug-type move that deals damage. Its base power doubles when used in succession.

Its Technician Ability makes Scizor's moves with 60 or less base power 50% stronger (1.5 times the regular damage). Its moves with 60 or less power include Metal Claw, Pursuit (when not used on a target about to switch out), and Fury Cutter (not when used in succession).


Viable Types For This Battle

Fairy is the most viable type for this battle; it deals double super-effective damage against Totem Kommo-o and the Hakamo-o ally, is immune to Clanging Scales, and resists Sky Uppercut. It still needs to be careful of Steel-type attacks like Flash Cannon and Metal Claw, though. It also can use Fairium Z.

Ghost is a viable type for being immune to Sky Uppercut. The Hakamo-o ally can’t damage Ghost-type Pokémon at all.

Flying is super-effective against Totem Kommo-o and Hakamo-o. You can get Flyinium Z if you backtrack to Ten Carat Hill after getting Machamp Shove. Dragon is also super-effective against them but weak to Clanging Scales as well.


Viable Pokémon For This Battle

Granbull is a viable Fairy-type, as it can be caught at a very nice level just a bit earlier in Poni Island, requiring little training for this battle even if you didn’t have a Fairy-type on your team before.

Mimikyu combines the useful Ghost- and Fairy-type, but is quite rare to get (at the abandoned Thrifty Megamart on Route 14).

Toucannon is a good Flying-type.

Kommo-o itself is a good Dragon-type that can be caught as a Jangmo-o or Hakamo-o (in SOS Battles with Jangmo-o) just a bit before this battle (in Vast Poni Canyon) at a level close to 45, which is the level it needs to achieve its final evolution. It has very good stats.

Any Pokémon of viable typing is useful for this battle.

When it comes to starter Pokémon, Decidueye has the useful Ghost typing and may have to access to Flying-type moves (even better if it has Brave Bird, which it learns at level 55). Incineroar isn’t very good type-wise, with Dark being weak to Fighting, but it is twice super-effective against the ally Scizor, which can be useful if that ally gives you trouble. Primarina, being a Fairy-type, is very useful.


General Strategy

The battle can go quite differently depending on which ally gets summoned. If it is Hakamo-o, you can use a Ghost-type Pokémon and not worry about it at all. Though, be careful of Hakamo-o’s Bulletproof when you will be about to take it down. If it is Scizor, you need to be careful of switching out (because of Pursuit) and successive Fury Cutters.

As with almost all Totem battles it is advisable to focus on the Totem first and then the ally, so you won’t have to face both allies. You also may use status conditions to make the battle easier.

Remember that Totem Kommo-o has Protect which may make some of your moves useless. It can be particularly annoying if you are about to use a Z-Move. Ideally, you should try using a Fairy-type Z-Move after it has used Protect. This way, it is less likely that it will use Protect again, and even if it is does, it has a good chance of failing.

After using Clanging Scales, Totem Kommo-o becomes more suspectible to physical attacks, with the exception of when Mental Herb is used. If you have trouble with taking it down, you can try taking its item away and/or use that reduced Defense to your advantage.

Overall, the battle can be challenging because of the high stats of the Pokémon involved, but Fairy-type moves make it much easier.

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