Totem Vikavolt

A guide on how to take on the fifth Totem Pokémon in the game: Totem Vikavolt!

Totem Vikavolt

Totem Vikavolt is a level 29 Bug and Electric-type Pokémon with access to the following moves:

Vice Grip is a Normal-type move that deals damage.

Spark is an Electric-type move that deals damage and has a chance of paralyzing the target.

Charge is an Electric-type move that doesn’t deal damage but increases the user’s Special Defense by one stage, and will double the power of an Electric-type move the user may use the very next turn.

Bug Bite is a Bug-type move that deals damage. If the target holds a Berry, the user of the move will eat it, removing it from the target and getting its effect on the spot.

At the start of the battle, Totem Vikavolt’s aura increases its Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed by one stage. Furthermore, it has the Ability Levitate which makes it immune to Ground-type attacks. Finally, it is holding an Occa Berry, which reduces the damage done by the first Fire-type attack that hits it.



Totem Vikavolt can call two Charjabug allies. Both are level 28, but they have different movesets.

The first Charjabug has the following moves:

Thunder Wave is an Electric-type move that paralyzes the target.

String Shot is a Bug-type move that drops the target’s Speed by two stage, making it more likely to move last.

Mud-Slap is a Ground-type move that deals damage and drops the target’s accuracy by one stage, making its attacks more likely to miss.


The second Charjabug has the following moves:

Bite is a Dark-type move that deals damage and has a chance to make the target flinch (if Charjabug moves before the target).

Both Charjabug have the Ability Battery which increases damage done by allies’ special attacks. Totem Vikavolt, however, has no special attacks, so the Ability is irrelevant.


Viable Types For This Battle

Rock is the only type able to hit Totem Vikavolt super-effectively right away (Fire has to get rid of Occa Berry first). Some Ground-type Pokémon are able to learn Rock-type attacks which is a very effective combination. It also has access to Rockium Z.

Ground, despite being unable to hit Totem Vikavolt because of its Ability, is a useful type to have around because it is immune to paralysis, which is a heavy element in this battle. It is also immune to Electric-type attacks which is very important as with Charge, even Pokémon who resist Electric can get hit hard.

Fire is still useful after the Occa Berry is consumed, and it can use Firium Z.


Viable Pokémon For This Battle

Lycanroc (especially Midday Form which has more base Speed) may be able to use the Z-Move Continental Crush on Totem Vikavolt before it can do anything.

Stamina Mudsdale is a good Ground-type Pokémon for this battle, and is useful during the whole game, although it offers a more slow pace. With its good base Defense as well as the Stamina Ability, the not-so-powerful attacks Totem Vikavolt and its allies have will not harm it much. Normally Mudsdale has to be careful of special attacks but in this battle (because of its typing) there is nothing to worry about.

Once again, almost all Pokémon of beneficial typing are useful.

When it comes to the starter Pokémon, Decidueye’s typing lets it resist Electric and not take super-effective damage to Bug, unlike most Grass-types. However, move-wise, it does not have good enough options to damage efficiently. Incineroar fares better; its Dark type unfortunately doesn’t let it resist Bug, but the Fire attacks can be useful after getting rid of the Occa Berry. Primarina is weak to Electric which is bad for this battle, so you should rather use some other team member as the core of this battle.


General Strategy

This battle can be hard, as Totem Vikavolt’s aura increases all of its stats, and Charge increases its Special Defense while setting it up for a very strong STAB Spark. Furthermore, all the Pokémon you have to face can paralyze you and Vikavolt’s Ability and held item make things difficult for Ground and Fire respectively (two types that are extremely common and would fare very well).

Forunately there is still the Rock-type that is useful and it comes at a convenient timing; soon after getting Rockium Z. A single Continental Crush on Totem Vikavolt is perhaps the best way to end this battle as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As with almost all Totem battles it is advisable to focus on the Totem first and then the ally, so you won’t have to face both allies. Both Charjabug can paralyze you, so they are worthy opponents you need to be careful of.

You can also attempt using status conditions yourself, moves such as Bug Bite/Pluck or Thief/Covet to get past the Occa Berry and use Inferno Overdrive later, or even methods that suppress the Levitate Ability so you can use Ground-type Pokémon effectively (they won’t be hitting for super-effective damage even after a negated Levitate, but they are still good for reasons explained above).

Overall, this is a battle that can either become easy with the help of Rock-type moves or end up quite challenging and interesting.

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