Zygarde Cell and Core Locations

Dexio and Sina appear again in Sun and Moon and give you an item called a Zygarde Cube. They ask you to collect Zygarde Cores and Zygarde Cells during your adventure in the Alola region. Cores and Cells can be found all over Alola, in the form of green (Cells) or pink (Cores) sparkles. There are 5 Cores and 95 Cells to collect.

The Different Formes of Zygarde

While it is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon, Zygarde has the following three Formes, which all retain Zygarde's Dragon/Ground typing:

Along with these Formes are two basic components of Zygarde: Zygarde Cells, which compose Zygarde's Formes and cannot think, and Zygarde Cores, which act as the brains of Zygarde. Neither Zygarde Cores nor Zygarde Cells can use moves.

Zygarde Cell

Zygarde Cell is the stage that has been identified as the single Cells that make up Zygarde. Cells do not possess any will or thought processes. They're found scattered throughout the region. Since they can't use any moves, researchers question whether they can even be called Pokémon!

Zygarde Core

Zygarde Core is little more than a part of the Pokémon's brain. Unlike the Cells, the Cores are self-aware and can communicate with Cells and other Cores via telepathy. When a change occurs in the local region's ecosystem, Cores have been known to take action. Each Zygarde Core teaches a special move to Zygarde. These special moves are the following:

Zygarde 10%

Zygarde 10% is the forme that the Zygarde Core takes when it gathers 10% of the Cells nearby. Capable of traveling over 60 mph (100 km/h), it defeats enemies with its sharp fangs and its incredible speed. When an emergency occurs, this form can take action separately from Zygarde 50% Forme, which comprises its main body. It has just a single Core performing the functions of its brain, so it can only maintain this form for a short period of time.

Zygarde 50%

Zygarde 50% was released in Pokémon X & Y but now also has the new Power Construct ability alongside its previous ability Aura Break.

Zygarde Complete

Zygarde Complete is the perfect forme that Zygarde takes when the Core gathers 100% of the Cells. When the ecosystem is under threat, and the Core concludes that the 50% Forme will be unable to deal with it, the Core takes on the Complete Forme. Its power is said to be greater than that of the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal! Zygarde’s completed form is specialized for battle, enabling Zygarde to fight with its full power and fulfill its duty of protecting the Pokémon ecosystem. Its wings and tail each have their own Core. Each Core serves as a brain and can make decisions and act independently.


Creating Zygarde Formes

By gathering enough cells, you can create the different formes of Zygarde by going to the Aether Building on Route 16 (Ula'ula Island). The amount of cells you need for each forme are as follows:

In the Aether Building you can assemle Zygarde Formes in two ways. Choose 'Using the Zygarde Cube only' if you don't have a Zygarde in your party yet. Choose 'Using Zygarde and the Zygarde Cube' if you do have a Zygarde in your party and want to add more cells to it.

You can also choose Seperation, which seperates Zygarde and puts the Cells back into the Zygarde Cube. You can then create another Zygarde with the cells, which will not retain anything the previous Zygarde had.


All Zygarde Core Locations

Note: You don't find any Cores until you've received the Zygarde Cube from Dexio at the Tide Song Hotel. So you won't find the Cores named in earlier locations until after that.


  1. Hau'oli Outskirts: In your room, next to the bed (teaches Extreme Speed)
  2. Iki Town: In Hala's house, in the northeast room (teaches Thousand Arrows)
  3. Konikoni City: Upstairs in Olivia's jewelry shop (teaches Dragon Dance)
  4. Route 17: In the Po Town police department (teaches Thousand Waves)
  5. Ancient Poni Path: In the bedroom in Hapu's house (teaches Core Enforcer)


All Zygarde Cell Locations

Note: You don't find any Cells until you've received the Zygarde Cube from Dexio at the Tide Song Hotel. So you won't find the Cells named in earlier locations until after that.


Melemele Island


1. Trainer's School: first floor, in the bed right of Meowth (night only)
2. Hau'oli Outskirts: East of the Pokémon Research Lab
3. Route 1: North of the second grassy patch east of Hau'oli Outskirts (day only)
4. Route 1: Behind the breakable rocks, next to a tree in the east area - requires Tauros Charge (day only)
5. Iki Town: Next to the tree east of the Mahalo Trail entrance (night only)
6. Ruins of Conflict: Right side of the entrance
7. Hau'oli City: Left of the Pokémon Center (night only)
8. Hau'oli City: Inside Ilima's house, at the end of the west area
9. Hau'oli Cemetery: On the west side, across the grass patch
10. Route 2: In the northwest corner of the motel area
11. Verdant Cavern: Next to the northeastern den
12. Route 3: South of the entrance to Melemele Meadow (day only)
13. Route 3: Next to the tree west of the Berry tree
14. Kala'e Bay: Southwest of the entrance


Akala Island


15. Heahea City: In the back-left corner of the Tide Song Hotel lobby
16. Heahea City: To the right of the giant satellite dish outside the Dimensional Research Lab (night only)
17. Route 4: On the land overhanging the cliff south of the Pokémon Breeder
18. Paniola Ranch: In the paddock east of the pathway to Paniola Town, northeast corner (day only)
19. Paniola Ranch: In the paddock east of the pathway to Paniola Town, west of the first ramp (night only)
20. Route 5: On the northeast side of the Pokémon Center
21. Lush Jungle: In the cave beyond the east area, in a corner east of the west entrance - requires Machamp Shove
22. Royal Avenue: In the empty parking spot in the Thrifty Megamart parking lot (day only)
23. Royal Avenue: In the corner northwest of the ring of flower bushes (night only)
24. Route 7: Southeast of the Diglett dens - requires Lapras Paddle/Sharpedo Jet
25. Wela Volcano Park: In the inside corner of the second step down from the trial gate
26. Route 8: On the east side of the Aether Foundation building
27. Route 8: In front of a rock next to the Route 5 entrance (day only)
28. Diglett's Tunnel: In the northeast of the large open area up the stairs down the west branch of the tunnel
29. Konikoni City: Next to the three Pikachu at Lighthouse Point in the north of the city (night only)
30. Akala Outskirts: Above a ledge in the west, southwest of Black Belt Kenji
31. Hano Beach: Under the southwestern-most umbrella
32. Hano Beach: Under the lifeguard tower (day only)


Ula'ula Island


33. Malie City: In front of the two trucks west of the Malie Garden entrance (day only)
34. Malie City: At the end of the hallway in the Malie Community Center (night only)
35. Malie Garden: In the northwest corner of the garden
36. Malie City Outer Cape: On the south side of the truck on the east side of the Recycling Plant (day only)
37. Route 10: Near the middle of the route, north of the Trainer Tips sign (day only)
38. Hokulani Observatory: Near Magnemite on the left side in the second room (night only)
39. Route 11: On the side of the dirt path in the east, southeast of Black Belt Clayton (night only)
40. Route 12: After crossing the northernmost rocky terrain by a rock on the north side of the route
41. Route 12: South of Punk Pair Yoko and Lane, between the second and third rocky terrains from the north
42. Blush Mountain: By a rock in the northeast
43. Secluded Shore: Along the wall east of the entry to the beach (night only)
44. Secluded Shore: At the west end of the beach (day only)
45. Route 13: On the west end of the motel (night only)
46. Route 13: South of the pond, on the east end of the trailer
47. Haina Desert: By the bush in the area reached by following the stone stacks in order, 2-1
48. Ruins of Abundance: Next to the shrine's entrance
49. Tapu Village: In front of the fence south of the Pokémon Center
50. Route 14: Among the rubble of the crumbled road south of the entrance from Tapu Village (night only)
51. Route 14: On the far east end of the beach
52. Route 15: Against the southern cliff wall on the southeast beach
53. Aether House: By the TV in the play room (day only)
54. Route 16: On the west side of the Pokémon Center (day only)
55. Ula'ula Meadow: On the walkway where it overlooks the southernmost pond
56. Ula'ula Meadow: On the east side of the grass on the dirt path in the northeast
57. Route 17: On the mountainside, on the east branch going down
58. Route 18: At the southern corner of the Po Town wall
59. Po Town: By the red truck southwest of the Shady House in the north (night only)
60. Po Town: By the yellow truck southeast of the Shady House in the north (day only)
61. Mount Lanakila: Mountainside; by the rock past the first patch of grass
62. Mount Lanakila: Summit; by the large rock southwest of the Pokémon Center


Poni Island


63. Seafolk Village: In the restaurant on the Wailord-shaped ship in the west, under a table at the south end
64. Seafolk Village: On the northeast platform
65. Poni Wilds: On the north end of the beach between two rocks
66. Poni Wilds: Above the ledge east of the Seafolk Village entrance (day only)
67. Poni Wilds: Next to the Trainer Tips sign east of the Seafolk Village entrance (night only)
68. Ancient Poni Path: In the corner by the well on the east side of Hapu's house
69. Ancient Poni Path: In the corner on the opposite side of the wall from the Machamp on the east side of Hapu's house (day only)
70. Ancient Poni Path: In the north, in front of the stone sculpture east of the Vast Poni Canyon entrance (night only)
71. Vast Poni Canyon: First cave; north of the Machamp Shove block near the entrance, accessed from the south of the outside area after the third cave
72. Vast Poni Canyon: Second cave; behind a small rock near the east entrance
73. Vast Poni Canyon: Third cave; by the dens on the western wall
74. Vast Poni Canyon: Outside the third cave, mid-level: on the west end of the cliff accessed through the exit south of the Machamp Shove puzzle - requires Machamp Shove
75. Poni Breaker Coast: On the east side of the geyser in the north (day only)
76. Poni Breaker Coast: In the east, just north of the Ruins of Hope entrance (night only)
77. Ruins of Hope: Southeast of the door to the inside of the ruins, at the bottom of the ramp down
78. Poni Grove: Northwest of Black Belt Roy
79. Poni Grove: At the end of the path, southeast of the exit to Poni Plains
80. Poni Plains: By the first palm tree northwest of the Poni Grove entrance (day only)
81. Poni Plains: South of the Poni Meadow entrance (night only)
82. Poni Plains: In the rocky area in the northwest on the second ledge - requires Tauros Charge
83. Poni Meadow: On a ledge south of the entrance to Resolution Cave
84. Resolution Cave: 1F; to the right of the entrance to B1F (day only)
85. Resolution Cave: B1F; on the raised platform in the center
86. Resolution Cave: B1F; in front of the second stalagmite (night only)
87. Poni Coast: North of the photo spot for the Poké Finder
88. Poni Coast: West of Honeymooners Noriko and Devin
89. Poni Gauntlet: Across from Veteran Sheri
90. Poni Gauntlet: North of Black Belt Tracy


Aether Paradise


91. B2F: Lab area, at the end of the hallway containing the secret labs
92. Outside (north side): at the end of the southeast path
93. Outside (north side): on the west side of the mansion (day only)
94. Outside (south side): between two pools on the west side (night only)
95. Inside Mansion: at the north end of the compound, under the table on the right side of the foyer

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